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  1. Tip: Bill Repucci's 'Things to consider'
  2. Mike Nellis' Builder TIPS, TRICKS AND IDEAS Page
  3. Tip: Rick Galati's Plane Perspective
  4. Tip: Rudder Bottom Fairing
  5. Tip: Rudder Cable Exit Fairings
  6. Tip: Elevator Trim Hinge Pin
  7. Tip: Hidden Hinge Oil Door
  8. Tip: Surface (end) tip rivets
  9. Tip: Fuel Tank Vent Line
  10. Tip: Wing jigs
  11. Tip: Instrument panel hole cutting
  12. Tip: Driving better rivets
  13. Tip: Making bushings / spacers
  14. Tip: Drilling hinges
  15. Tip: Organizing Rivets
  16. Tip: Nosewheel servicing
  17. Tip: Installing Platenuts
  18. Tip: Paint protection
  19. Tip: Paint Respirator
  20. Tip: Using electrical tape in place of clay
  21. Tip: Keeping my washers straight
  22. Tip: Slow builders and the gascolator doubler
  23. Tip: Riveting technique
  24. Tip: Cowl fitting
  25. Tip: Show us your DIY Bucking Bars
  26. Tip: Wernke prop torque numbers
  27. Tip: Wing heavy vs Wheel fairings
  28. Tip: Canopy Glue - Weld-On?
  29. Tip: Countersinking the AEX Rudder Wedge (R-916)
  30. Tip: Drilling Spar for Tank Platenuts
  31. Tip: Shooting long AN4 rivets technique
  32. Tip: VM-1000 Fuel Flow Transducer
  33. Tip: baffling - tape it down over night
  34. Tip: Caution with fuel line-walking area
  35. TIP: Simple Aileron and Flap storage rack
  36. Tip: Check Those Bubble Levels!
  37. Tip: Pearls of Wisdom
  38. Tip: Drop Cord Light Bulbs
  39. Tip: "childproofing" the firewall
  40. Tip: Fuel line/heater cover drill jig
  41. Tip: Construction Classes
  42. Tip: Temporary Wiring Runs
  43. Tip: Switch Anti-rotation
  44. Tip: Spar Hole Overspray Clean-out
  45. Tip: Engine overhaul
  46. Tip: Planning the Electrical
  47. Tip: Hidden GPS/XM Antennas
  48. Tip: Heater installation notes
  49. Tip: ELT wiring
  50. Tip: Jettisonable slider canopy
  51. Tip: Garmin Manuals
  52. Tip: AEX Trailing edge rivets & pneumatic sqeezer
  53. Tip: Trim Tab II - The Sequel
  54. Tip: Temporary Elevator Pivot Bolts
  55. Tip: Tight quarters dimpling mod for DRDT-2
  56. Tip: Alternative Metal Wing Stands
  57. Tip: Drilling / making a small hole bigger.
  58. Tip: Panel Rib relocation for EFIS installation
  59. Tip: Canopy Woes and Tips
  60. Tip: Another place to hide the strobe power supply
  61. Tip: Roll-Your-Own Annunciator Panel
  62. Tip: Cabin Fuel Line
  63. Tip: Wheel Pant Repair
  64. Tip: Fuel tank lesson learned
  65. Tip: Use of AN fittings with Nylon tubing
  66. Tip: Aux Audio Jack Insulation
  67. New Builder Hints
  68. Tip: Gear Weldment Installation
  69. Tip: Spray paint that closely matches Vans powdercoat
  70. Tip: Fuel line support RV-7 & RV-9
  71. Tip: Liquid Shim
  72. Tip: Instrument Panel Wire Runs/Support
  73. Tip: RV-7 Horizontal Stabilizer ( HS )
  74. Tip: Cutting slot in tailcone skin for tailwheel mount
  75. Tip: Dimpling tables
  76. Tip: Apparently you can braze aluminum
  77. Tip: Alternative to Pro-Seal
  78. Tip: Edge Distance Tool
  79. Tip: Trim tab bends
  80. Tip: Proseal ...The fact and the fiction
  81. Tip: Edge Distance Drilling
  82. Tip: 'Targa Strip' for tip up canopy
  83. Tip: Air Compressors
  84. Tip: All the Sika tips collected in one place
  85. Tip: Drilling out flush rivets
  86. Tip: Beware Corrosion!
  87. Tip: Lighting the baggage compartment
  88. Tip: CreativeAir Landing Light notes
  89. Tip: Carpet Edging
  90. Tip: Armrest Reinforcement
  91. Tip: Easy Wing Stand Jack Screw
  92. Tip: Gascolator doubler
  93. Tip: Easy cleco cleaning
  94. Tip: Fuel drain warning
  95. Tip: How to Safely Remove a Rivet
  96. Tip: Seat back location
  97. Tip: Paper Clips & Baffle Fits
  98. Tip: Trimtab problems are history!
  99. Tip: Drill Index Chart
  100. Tip: Use Highlighters on Plans
  101. Tip: Plastic Floor Mat to Protect Plans
  102. Tip: Installing Adel Clamps Made Easy
  103. Tip: How to pull a hole
  104. Tip: Alternate Flap Building Technique
  105. Tip: "I can't believe it's not butter" tubs usage
  106. Tip: Deburring Fuel pickup tube.
  107. Tip: Transfer Punches
  108. Tip: Filling brake lines
  109. Tip: Cheap Power Supply
  110. Tip: Firewall sound proofing blanket
  111. Tip: Countersinking technique
  112. Tip: Make Your Own Landing Light Lens
  113. Tip: Substitute for 5/8" long die on hand squeezer
  114. Tip: HOW TO EASY Measure "X" dist. from edge...(marking a line along a long piece...)
  115. Tip: Removing Vinyl
  116. Tip: Garmin 296 Setup for COM ports
  117. Tip: Tool to keep surfaces tight when hand squeezing
  118. Tip: minor fix for Sam James Plenum
  119. Help, Bevel 713/counterbalance elevator skin?
  120. Tip: Save the cards
  121. Tip: Manifold pressure tee
  122. Tip: Skin Dimpling made easier
  123. Tip: "double-dimpling" and others
  124. Tip: Tungsten bucking bar
  125. Tip: Firewall Pass Through
  126. Tip: Drilling Out Rivets From Shop Head
  127. Tip: Fuel Valve Safety Stops
  128. Tip: Make your own Adel Clamp Brackets
  129. Tip: Digital Hobbs Meter
  130. Tip: Removing bad rivets
  131. Tip: How to transport a Lycoming in a pickup truck
  132. Tip: Mounting the wheels
  133. Tip: Large Parts (Skins) Storage
  134. Tip: Mounting a Piper Blade Pitot
  135. Tip: Stationary Bucking Bars
  136. Tip: Show us your cowl / hinge pin cover or method to secure pin
  137. Tip: Fuel Selector Creativity
  138. Tip: Elevator Balancing
  139. Tip: My Cowling Mistake
  140. Tip: Rivet Spacing on Tubes
  141. Tip: Wheelpant Seam
  142. Tip: Visual Fuel Level Indicator
  143. Tip: Tip-up canopy latch lugs
  144. Tip: Composites
  145. Tip: Hammering 3/16" spar rivets
  146. Tip: Tail wheel Spring Attach Points
  147. Tip: Simplified method of attaching skirts to slider canopy
  148. Tip: Cutting bottom of slider frame tubes
  149. Tip: Alternative Dimpling Technique
  150. To all that posted tips!
  151. Tip: Van's electric flap actuator system
  152. Tip: Minimalist Rudder Cable Tensioner
  153. Tip: First flight / unplug AOA sensor
  154. Tip: Ram Air Cowl Mod Part 1
  155. Tip: Pen Velcro - Arts and Crafts at 6500'
  156. Tip: Pushtube-holder
  157. Tip: Headlight Visors
  158. Tip: Cheap, Handy Rivet Containers
  159. Tip: Cutting the Canopy Video
  160. Tip: Transfer Punches, Part Deux
  161. Tip: Free PDF graphing paper
  162. Tip: pneumatic rivet squeezer is adjustable
  163. Tip: Measuring Fiberglass Resin
  164. Tip: Homemade Bowden Cable Clamp
  165. Tip: Baffle Trimming Gadget
  166. Tip: Tip Up Safety Latch Mod
  167. Tip: Drilling Upper longeron
  168. Tip: AOA Sport Mount
  169. Tip: Mounting the tail light
  170. Tip: Lightweight & Maybe cheap SCAT tube clamps
  171. Tip: RV-9A Trim Tab Mod
  172. Tip: FADEC RV-7 part I-III
  173. Tip: Work Shop Planning
  174. Tip: Back Rivet Tight Spots
  175. Tip: I hate scratches
  176. Tip: Large paper clips for baffles
  177. Tip: Van's LED Map Light
  178. Tip: Easier Bad Rivet Removal after drilling
  179. Tip: Easy Template
  180. Tip: Removing stuck dies from squeezer
  181. Tip: AN hardware
  182. Tip: Easy sealant clean up
  183. Tip: Truing a Wing
  184. Tip: RV-9A larger nose gear modification
  185. Tip: Co-pilot stick wiring
  187. Tip: Great Canopy Weather Strip Product
  188. Tip: Getting bushing ends square
  189. Tip - Cutting Gear Stiffeners
  190. Tip: Panel Cutting
  191. Tip: Baffles modified to plenum
  192. Tip: Installing washers or nuts in tight spaces
  193. Tip: Cutting aluminum option
  194. Tip: Wing stand/storage construction
  195. Tip: Jointing the Cowl Halves
  196. Tip: Electronic Labeler
  197. Tip: How I Installed My Pitot
  198. Tip: Re-use those Gift Cards
  199. Panel Upgrade - Lessons Learned
  200. Tip: Finally a Use for Super Glue!
  201. Tip: Installing the F6111 Stiffening rib
  202. Tip: Brake pedal fix for tall pilot / not so tall pilot
  203. Tip: RV-7A Sika Flex canopy attachment
  204. Tip: Dimple nutplates when attaching to thin material
  205. Tip: Match Drilling Made Easy
  206. Tip: Working with the OEM empennage fairing - Photos
  207. Tip: Longeron Bending
  208. Tip: Al fuel line protection
  209. Tip: Go-fast baffling: RTV & glass
  210. Tip: New Annunciator Panel
  211. Tip: Making the Slider Canopy Fit
  212. Tip: Baffle backtrack
  213. Tip: Quick Fiberglass Release Agent
  214. Tip: Retractable Sharpie metal marker
  215. Tip: How I got my trim tab to look good!
  216. Tip: Push Rod hole spacing
  217. Tip: Closing off the end of a fairing
  218. Tip: Panel cutouts with a router
  219. Tip: Gas Caps
  220. Tip: Sorting Tray
  221. Tip: 60 Second Fluting
  222. Tip: Good videos on making hoses
  223. Tip: Match drilling for Aviation Products tailwheel
  224. Tip: Slot Deburring
  225. Tip: Headset Socket Enclosures and Position
  226. Tip: Secure and Removable co-pilot stick
  227. Tip: Camloc receptacle installation
  228. Tip: Bucking Bar protector / glove
  229. Tip: Removing the handle from the stock fuel valve
  230. Tip: Engine Holes to Firewall simplified
  231. Tip: Alternator safety wire
  232. Tip: Oil Door with no Outside latch
  233. Tip: Free paint scheme/color tools
  234. Tip: Paint Stirrers
  235. Tip: Electric fuel pump setup
  236. Tip: Aviation Acronyms for Newbies
  237. Tip: One piece glass canopy skirt pics
  238. Tip: Headset Power
  239. Tip: Simple DIY Rotisserie
  240. Tip: Paint Run Removal
  241. Tip: Click Bond Headset Hangers
  242. Tip: Tip up latch bearing blocks too tight?
  243. Tip: Canopy Cutting Suit
  244. Tip: Canopy Cover Mod
  245. Tip: Quickly Remove Protective Film
  246. Tip: Good Collection of How-To Videos
  247. TIP: Horizontal Stabilizer - HS Paint Jig
  248. Tip: Modest tips for a clean mfr. plant
  249. Tip: Attach rudder bottom AFTER tail spring
  250. Tip: Rib Futing Video