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May Wallpaper

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5/23/2022.  Issue #5,575.
   Need an ATP-rated G-550/450 or EMB-505 SIC? ...I'm here.


My RV Weekend ...various


Tom Swearington Update ...our friend recovering.

Not necessarily RV related, but will be----I came home Friday afternoon. Several boxes stacked up of things to do---not sure what yet, but from clients. YES--as soon as I get a little more strength I'll handle them. Promise.
I tried to forward most of the pressing email traffic to Steve so he could help process things. I have some in the order of like 75 that I need to go over. Ya'll---please be patient YES----I will get to all of them.

I'll say here again for the record, the RV community is the BEST. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much, its motivating.

So first nite "jitters" its this really going to work? Will I breathe when I sleep without the oxygen? Well apparently so, because I'm writinng this on Saturday morning. The sun came up, some planes are flying at 3J1, so maybe all is well.
Going to be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and more follow up DRs appointments than I remember seeing DRs for---but whatever.

To those of you in the medical community----Heroes all. You don't get enough credit when lives are saved. 2 times now, Ive been on the verge of disastrous consequences, and each time Drs nurses and specialty staff have brought me back so I could make some contribution. All of you need to stand up and be recognized.

We take alot of things for granted these days, I know I do/did. Hug a Dr, Hug a nurse, Hug a respiratory therapist, hug the CNA that wakes you up aout of the best sleep you've had to take your vitals and then says go back to sleep. Yeah right----BUT--she/he is doing an important job that seems pretty annoying to someone that was sleeping. Now that I've seen a broader picture, all of you are a team. From the Dr that I gave a hard time about the chest tube procedure hurting, to the late nite radiology shift doing chest xrays and CTs on me, to the night nurse who was helping me get well, while her husband is in chemo------All of your dedication is way beyond the call of duty. I appreciate all of you alot more.



Vent session ahead.

I was taking my time and being careful on the RV-10 fuel tanks since I know that a small misstep can cause serious pain and labor later. Left tank came out great. Right tank is near completion. Just before installing the rear baffle I installed the plug for the currently unused fuel return flange that I installed. Applied locktite 567 liberally to both the plug and flange. Backed the plug out a half turn any time I felt resistance. Finally during the last turn the torque was almost at 120 in/lbs and I pushed through a tiny bit of resistance when I felt the galling. Tried to unscrew it a little to relube the threads and it didn't want to budge.

Used a lot of force to unscrew it as a galled NPT fitting likely won't seal and definitely wont work if I end up installing a return line later and sure enough, strips the threads on both the plug and flange.

Luckily the Baffle is not yet installed, but the VA-141 flange is on backorder. Looks like I will have my right fuel tank sitting open for a while longer. Who knows how long the flange is on backorder for. Frustrating and nobody to blame but myself. At least I should be happy it is only a $40 mistake and fixable since the rear baffle was not yet installed.


A Box Checked Thanks to the RV...

....a couple of times over the last two weeks.  Side hustle first Gulfstream G-V SIC (PIC visits here and built an RV).  Barely hanging on the tail mentally pretty much both flights, trying to remember 10%.  Still mentally a little whooped - all new experiences.  First Gulfstream gig.  First over-ocean trip.  First visit to Hawaii (felt like Six Flags).  A very patient PIC who hid his eye rolls well - they had to be there!

Hard to fully grasp where this RV hobby has led, and I bet there are hundreds if not thousands of stories just like it.  Unexpected life journeys brought on by being in the RV world.  It just seems to happen.  One minute you're building a vertical stab in your garage because you dream of having a VFR airplane for your VFR ticket, and the next you're in the cockpit at FL430 on the planet's longest leg over water without an alternate.  Mind spinning...  I guess the takeaway is don't be too surprised when your RV hobby takes your life down a path you didn't anticipate.  It can be amazing.  And humbling.


Garmin is letting me demo one of their new D2 Mach 1 watches for a few.  It locked in just fine (also used on the airline trip home).  Bluetoothed to GP following along with VFR sectionals on the phone made the airline trip home more enjoyable.  There's the boneyard, there's that little town and yep, the airport's on the west side just like on the chart.  Extending the Track Vector Line out 20nm with the flight plan entered (from FlightAware) you could tell when center would let us cut a corner, giving us direct to a VOR further down the line and such.  The watch said I slept 'Fair' on the trip.  #NerdPorn  #INeedALife  #HelpMe  #ActuallyPrettyCool as the kids say.


As I was getting on board the airliner for the trip home from the west coast, with thoughts of taking the RV-6 into the air in a day or so, the wifey texted she had Covid (again).  Emailed the sim to start the process of whatever Covid protocol is in place currently.  They wanna know things like this.  My involvement in a couple of scheduled sims this week at odd times may be on hold.  Developing...

Life 101.  Gonna be a busy week and I may end up with it (again).  For better or worse as they say.  I signed up for this.  ;^)


The Yips - not just for golf

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of riveting, along came the tanks. I can't set a good rivet to save my life all of the sudden! I abandoned trying to rivet with freshly applied proseal because that made everything 10X worse (and also made it so I couldn't see what the rivet result was anyway - something that became more and more important as I screwed up one rivet after another). So now I'm going the route of letting the proseal cure just a bit so I can at least see what my rivet heads look like. I should have kept living in ignorance - I think I'm probably shooting 50/50 for acceptable vs clinched rivets. I have no idea why I'm laying them over suddenly - bucking bar looks parallel to the surface and it's the proper rivet length. The worst offenders tend to be the last few rivets on the top side leading edge. I've gotten my use out of oops rivets there.

After the swear jar filled up enough to fund a second airplane, I finally just called it. Very frustrating.


Muffler Crack

I'm doing Annual Condition Inspection now and found a crack in the muffler where the exit exhaust tube is welded on. Looks like vibration induced metal fatigue from long cantilever exhaust tube. TT=750. Muffler is in back of car and headed for local TIG welding shop...


IAC East Coast Championship results!

Huge congratulations to both Bill McLean and Ben Poffenberger!!!

Both competed in their RV-4's during this past weekend's Mark Fullerton Memorial East Coast Championship. Bill took 1st place out of 9 contestants in Sportsman and Ben took 2nd place out of 6 in Primary. Impressive results gentlemen!!! Please give us a PIREP and post some pictures. I'm sorry I couldn't be there this weekend to support you all.

Hopefully this will be the motivator If you've been thinking about competing in IAC sanctioned events. Please feel free to reach out to me, Bill, Ron Schreck, and Eric Sandifer and we will be happy to guide and assist you. Here is a list of upcoming contests. Pick one and go for it! I plan on being at the June 18th Warrenton VA contest. Hopefully my Extra will be out of the avionics shop by then!


RV-7 #75069 Build Update

After many working sessions, getting to the point of no return: this nose rib is going to be hidden inside the part!  Looks good to me. Couple of rivets are not exactly straight, but this should do. I noted that I instinctively tend to get shop heads on a smaller side. There was one head ~0.126" (which is still good according to the spec, which gives ~0.122" minimum for 3/32" rivets), but I hit it few more times.


F-603, F-6103 or F-703

I'm in the planning stages (for many months) of a panel upgrade in my RV6.

In a thread on replacement panels from a couple months ago, Paul Dye and Mike Starkey recommended that a DIY approach was well worth it, and that it wasn't necessary to hire out the panel cutting to someone else. I'm going to give it a try. I may order an extra blank or two though...

I'm not sure which panel blank I need. The plane currently has an F-603 panel, which is 11" tall. I want to keep that format. Searching F-603 on the Van's site only yields the F-6103 OVSZ. Per the description, F-6103 OVSZ can be used in the 6, 7 and 9 tip-ups, and measures 14"x42", but has a (confusing) Q&A response stating it is 11"x42" (see the picture).

The F-703 description only shows the 7 and 9 tip ups.

Can I use the F-703 in a tip-up RV6?

I've been told some trimming/shaping is required no matter what I get, but it seems like if the F-6103 OVSZ works in the 6, 7 and 9, then F-703 would too.

I'm planning to give Vans a call later today, but thought someone here might be able to help.


Alternate Air PIREP ...Flyhud

This is how I did mine, bottom plate is pro sealed to fiberglass.


Help with primer issue!

Hello, first post, and I need some help! I'm having an issue getting self etching primer to stick to aluminum angle. I have done all the research on priming and decided that I would prime parts with rattle can primer for the most part. After a lot of research it seemed that most folks had good success with the SES self etching primer that Aircraft Spruce sells. After a couple of attempts I am still having issues. I have tried roughing the surface with a maroon scotch brite pad, no luck, so I then went to 80 grit paper and still couldn't get adhesion. I think I have talked enough so please see attached photos and I would love to hear how you folks that have used this have had success. Thanks!


-14 Storage Ideas ...Jim PIREP

I'm moving my canopy release handle from the central panel (RV14) to the center pedestal area. I plan on mounting it higher than plans call for in OP-63 (Cable routing looks good). I'm looking some photo ideas of what others have built in the space. Prefer open cubby to store iPhone etc.


Vans Aircraft Business Video Update - Apr 29


VAF Calendar

Events in the calendar w/in 60 days of happening.

05-28-2022: GUNS Garin Memorial Foundation Fly-In
06-18-2022: Boone Iowa RV Day
06-25-2022: Mid-Atlantic Gathering of RV's


----->>>>> How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.



Off Topic


G450/G550 or EMB-505

My name is Doug Reeves and I have 2,600+ hours TT, including a PIC type rating in the G-V (550/450), Embraer Phenom 300 and an SIC endorsement in the Challenger 605.  I live in Dallas, TX and work part time in seat support at CAE in their three Phenom Level D simulators. 

I'm interested in contract SIC work.
Contact / Pilot resume:

Ratings and experience:

All checkrides, private through ATP, passed on the first attempt.

Typed in:

Gulfstream G-V
PIC typed in 550 w/diffs to 450.
Typed: Feb 2022

Embraer Phenom 300
PIC typed.
Last recurrent: May 2022

G450/550 and Phenom 300
Level D Simulators
CAE Right Seat Program
(750+  hrs w/motion on
during  290+  sims)

Challenger 605
SIC Endorsement

Cessna Grand Caravan EX
(few dozen trips)

And some others...



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