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Oct Wallpaper

Advertise on VAF.

October 23, 2020.  Issue #5,201.

Over to KXBP and back for gas ($2.99) Thursday morning before going in for a couple of extra Phenom paper routes in the evening.  Was planning on a Friday flight but the TAF showed high winds and rain Friday so I moved up the plans.  Always nice to RVate when the sched and conditions allow - take it when you can get it ;^).

ATTN Jet Folks:  Another shot in the dark if there is anyone reading this that knows how I can get (3) landings in a Phenom 300 w/o selling an arm.  Will travel via airline to you.  Three landings and I get my SIC (I already have the endorsement through the part time sim work).  Getting this is turning out to be difficult.  Any and all help appreciated.  Fingers always crossed...

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
(Need a contract pilot?)

Note: Please excuse the early push on Friday's edition.  Extra job for bills.


Vernatherm Woes

Now that PlaneKool is working so well, I've been venturing into warmer locales where pre-A/C, I just didn't bother to fly. But now, oil temps are making regular excursions to 225*+ F. I set up a test by using my Bluetooth HVACR refrigerant line temp probes to measure oil cooler (OC) inlet/outlet temps and compared those to indicated on my G3X. During warmup, I saw that the OC inlet was measuring within 3*F of indicated, which gave me some confidence of the BT probe's accuracy with the less-than-ideal clamp arrangement on a hex nut. Found that indicated temp was only 6*F cooler than OC inlet temp and that there was 16F delta of OC inlet/outlet, indicating the Vernatherm (VT) wasn't doing a good job. Problem found! Or so I thought...  -->


Static Source Variation ....update

I did a couple more tests.

1. I taped some yarn tuffs to see how turbulent the flow was preceding the static port. Here's the video... You can tell it's more turbulent towards the top half of the fuselage...I'm guessing the targa strip (over and 0.125" thick) is causing some rough air. Not sure if this amount of turbulence could cause enough pressure variation to be picked up by the static port and indicated on the G3X.

2. Instead of using a gauge snubber to even out the indication I used an "accumulator" courtesy of a Vitamin Water bottle (see pic) This size bottle removed the VS variations just like the .004" snubber did, also with a slight lag in VS indication. The same lag one would encounter with the alternate static air selected.

I'm starting to think switching the static line from 1/2" vinyl tube to 1/4" poly has made my VS indication more sensitive to the pressure pulses caused by the turbulence around the static port.


RE: the 'Need More Giddy Up' Thread from Yesterday

[Van emailed me the following to add to the conversation.  v/r,dr]


-3B Project Update ...David Paule

One thing that I needed to do was finalize the conceptual design for the hold-open link. Right now that's planned to be a bar, pivoted on the aft fairing frame cross-member 5" radius from the canopy hinge pin. In the picture below, those are the white lines. The link is the blue lines, and close to where they cross will be the sliding connection to the aft seat bulkhead. Virtually all other geometries caused the link to interfere with either the harness or the seat back.

The tentative idea is to have the top end of the link have a notch that drops over part of the sliding connection fitting. A spring will add assurance that it will stay there, and it ought to open and come to a stop and stay there. To close the canopy, lift the link past its catch and then close the canopy.

Yes, this will protrude above the turtledeck and be visible, regrettably. But it'll be under the canopy rather than in the outside air.

Possible link shapes: either a flat aluminum bar or a tube similar to the canopy latch but with different end terminations.  -->


Acft Spruce Com antenna for experimentals install

I bought a Yaesu handheld to supplement the single comm radio in my RV12 in case of failure and I would like to install a separate antenna for it. Aircraft Spruce has a $45 antenna that I think will be good enough for occasional use. The installation instructions are somewhat sparse, as can be seen in the (hopefully) attached image.

I have a couple of questions. I am assuming that the physical installation will require a backing plate as the skin of a 12 is very thin. I'm also thinking that I will need a mounting hole matching the diameter of the area of the Delrin nut with the #2 arrow pointing at it, and the steel nut threaded onto the end of the antenna will be tightened and secured to hold the antenna in place.

With regards to wiring, I think the copper wire referenced in the installation instructions is the center wire of the coax cable, and it will be twisted around the threaded portion of the antenna indicated by the #1 arrow and it will be captured as the Delrin nuts are forced together. If that is the case, does anything need to be done with the braided shield wire of the coax cable? If that is not the case, how should it be done?

The other end of the coax already has a BNC connector on it, so that part seems to be ready to go.


Homebuilt A/C Feature and Capability Survey ...take it!




Lycoming Engine Price Increase - Effective Nov 1st 2020 ...mothership

Hi Everyone,

Lycoming will be making their annual engine price adjustments on November 1st. That means you have until October 31 to place an order from Van's at our current prices. The new Van's selling prices are listed below along with our current ones, for your comparison and information. We received confirmation of the new prices today and wanted to give you the maximum available lead time to make buying decisions and place orders, should you wish to do so, before the price change takes effect.

All engines ordered under the current pricing must be ordered with requested delivery dates no later than May 31, 2021. Engines ordered for delivery after that date will have to be ordered at the increased price.

In addition to the engine price changes, the following will also be effective for orders received after November 1st:

- Flat rate engine shipping in the continental USA increases from $179 to $239.
- Thunderbolt engine chrome shroud tubes change from $100/cylinder to $150/cylinder.
- Chrome rocker covers on standard engines change to $100/cylinder (as opposed to $400 per engine, so the increase is only reflected on 6-cyl engines).

The Van's prop/engine order bundle ($1000 off when you order a prop and engine from Van's at the same time) is still available (both before and after the price change).

Now's your chance to lock in the pre-increase price if you want to do so!


Mothership Jobs Open


VAF Data Move / Forums TPS Report

Over the last 30 days or so:

  • Migrated all data from ISP to a cloud based environment (AWS)
  • Switched OS from Windows Server to latest version of Linux
  • MySQL and PHP upgraded to latest versions.
  • Image hosting enabled (along with PDF attachments).
  • Stored PM limit increased by 100%
  • Queries now nearly instantaneous

In the next 30 days or so:

  • Forums upgrade from v3.6.8 to v5.6.2.  It's gonna be greeeeeeaaaaaat...

There are some fiddly bits that we know are not performing 100% (search, encoding fonts issue, etc) but those have to do with running older forum software with newer back end software. These will get addressed in the newer v5.X forum software.  It's wasting resources to work on fixing those when we're upgrading soon anyway.

Bill Kervaski (RV-14A) has been indispensable with these improvements. He has a full time job, and my calendar is really crowded next week with side work, so the move to the latest and greatest forum software might take a few weeks. It could take two months. It could take one month. Many moving parts and both life and work are fluid and crazy at the current time, so thanks for understanding.  I'm purchasing the most current forum software shortly to begin testing.

We're solid enough right now to hold us over while we install, configure and test a parallel copy of the new stuff in the background.  We'll get there I promise, and it'll be nice. Hang tough, enjoy both the faster environment and image hosting in the mean time and stay safe.  More to come...

Thanks again to Bill and his mad tech skills.



Mothership and COVID-19 ...updates.

...no factory tours.  ...no demo flights. 


----->>>>>;; How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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Would You Build an RV "Super Cub"?

If yes, let me know and I'll add your name/comments to my 63-page sales pitch
[ed. 8/2020 update....I have
90+ names saying they will order it, so I'll update the list sporadically from now on.  We've established demand <g>.]

Things you see at 45mph with the doors and windows open...

10 of the 12 below...they hardly even looked up.

Normal day w/the doors open and wildlife you can't usually see from the RV.
I'd sell the Cub in a Planck time unit if there was an RV option.

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Need the occasional contract pilot??
How 'bout using me?
(Phenom 300, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Caravan)



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