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Sep Wallpaper

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Sep 27, 2022  Issue #5,658. (previous day's news)
  Contract pilot resume   

This Past Weekend the RV community.


Badly aligned wing tip rv9

Please let me know if this isn't the right section to post this question...


I bought an already built rv9 and have been going through fixing little odds and ends since purchasing. I have all the docs from vans and have spent a lot of time learning everything I can about how it's put together and enjoying every minute of it. In fact, I now want to build one myself...

To my question. The co-pilot side wingtip is WAY off in alignment with the ailerons and flaps. I've pulled the wingtip and verified that the ailerons and flaps are in the correct position using the wing rib tooling holes. The tip is not only 1/2 lower where the tip meets the ailerons but it also bends downward, meaning the far outside of the wingtip is signifacantly lower than the inside at the trailing edge. This discovery started when trying to diagnose a heavy left wing...

I've pulled the tip off which is attached using the vans method of small screws through the aluminum wing skin to nut plates attached to the inside of the wingtip on what looks like an aluminum strip. In order to straighten out the alignment I'll need to rotate the tip clockwise and remove some of the wing tip material on the top portion to fix downward bend. In order to do this I need to remove the aluminum strip with the nut plates attached and re-attach in the correct location after trimming the tip. It looks like the nut plates are riveted to the aluminum strip and not all the way through the wingtip so theoretically I could heat the aluminum strip and pull it away from the wingtip to remove.

I've gone back and forth on if I should just buy a new tip and start from scratch or try to heat and pull the nut plate strip off the existing one. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

FYI.. I've read a ton on the hinge attach method and decided I'll stick with the current method as it isn't that difficult to remove and attach.



Hurricane Evac Options for RVators


Fuel tank fwd support- one of life's little challenges :(

Well darn.

I bought a second hand almost completed wing kit to start my build journey. Fast forward a couple of years and I did the first temporary install of the wings on my fuselage.

Wings fit good, triangulated easily, incidence and sweep set, drilled/reamed the all important aft spar hole a few thousands undersize for a AN5 bolt. Life is good.

Today I started all the cleanup tasks you do after the wings are on, and very first thing when I started looking at locating the hole for the bolt that goes through the fwd tank attach bracket to the slotted steel flange coming off the fuselage, I realized that the guys I bought the wings from had helpfully pilot drilled a #30 hole in exactly the wrong spot on the starboard tank.

I can't center the bolt hole on this because it's way to far out of the slot for the bolt to give any meaningful support to the nose of the tank, and I can't use it for as a rivet hole for one leg of the nut plate because it's a #30 hole instead of a #40.

This last part is what really sucks because one leg of a k1000-428 nutplate lines up perfectly with it.

As I see it, my options are:

1- to upsize one leg of a nutplate for a #30 rivet, which is iffy because the call out is for a skinny nutplate, so that would put the big hole and little hole uncomfortably close together.

2- to clock the nutplate vertically instead of horizontally and fill the errant hole with a double flush rivet.

3- to pull the tank off, drill out the aluminum angle from the inner end and build a new one without the offending hole, with the pro seal mess and extra time involved.

4- vans suggestion (which they just came back with while I was typing this) fabricate a new bracket and extend the ears out from the fuselage a little bit more.

curious what opinions the collective might have...


From the Mothership ...a page for what we know to date.


OSH'22 Photo Albums Thread

...put 'um here please if you feel so inclined.



VAF Calendar

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09-30-2022: 2022 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-01-2022: 2022 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic, Fish Fry French Lick, Indiana (KFRH)
10-02-2022: 2022 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic


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Off Topic


G450/G550 or Phenom 300

Contact / Pilot resume:

My name is Doug Reeves, and in addition to running this site I have 2,600+ hours TT, including PIC type ratings in both the G-V (550/450) and Embraer Phenom 300.  Additional time in Challenger 605, PC-12 and C208.  I live in Dallas, TX and work part time in seat support at CAE in their three Phenom Level D simulators. 

I am available for contract SIC work.

Ratings and experience:

  • All checkrides, private through ATP, passed on the first attempt.

Typed and Current in:

  • Gulfstream G-V
    (350/450/550/500/V). PIC typed in 550 w/diffs to 450.  Typed: Feb 2022

  • Embraer Phenom 300
    PIC typed.  Last recurrent: May 2022

Part Time:

  • CAE Level D Simulators: G450/550 and Phenom 300.  Right Seat Program  (~900  hrs on motion over  325+  sessions)

images grabbed off web

FMI / Contact:


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