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RV Panels Hi Rez


Feb 2, 2023  Issue #5,748. (previous day's news).

Status: COMPLETE! ...smash


Vans hoses

What kind of hoses are supplied with Vans FWF kits? I am trying to determine when to replace FWF and brake hoses. Any advice appreciated. For example, I used VA-102 SS braided hoses at my brake calipers. Are these rubber or some other material?


Auto plug wires

Q: Does anyone have a photo of the top of the engine with P-Mag automotive plug wires?  I'm curious how the wires are secured.



Power System Diagram - RV14

After many hours of reviewing diagrams from The AeroElectric Connection, I have arrived at the following "Initial Concept" for my RV14A project.
I am not experienced in airplane electrical design so any help with poor design or possible safety concerns is appreciated.
Basic design features:
-B&C primary and stby alternators
*Pri alternator will connect to battery contactor output side.
*Stby alternator will connect to battery contactor input side. In the event of Pri Alt failure, this will enable load shedding if needed by placing Bat/Esntl switch to Esntl position. If stby alt can handle amp load then no need to load shed and Bat/Esntl switch will stay in Batt position.
*Pri and Stby Alts are controlled by a 3-pos switch (On-Off-On). Stby Alt will only be selected on when Pri Alt fails.
*Hot Battery Bus -This bus is hot anytime battery is connected. It is located in the avionics sub-panel which is which is easily accessible on pre-flight, but not during flight. Initially for a couple items, but more added because I ran out of space on main CB panel. All but one item on this bus is switched.
*Two TCW-IBBS-12v-6ah batteries. One provides b/u power for PFD1 and associated items. The second is for the GTN650Xi. Because the GTN650 does not have pins for a b/u power source, I moved it to its own bus. if needed, that bus will be powered by its own b/u batt.
*Ignitions - One Surefly and one slick Mag.
Thanks for your inputs.


 -2 hose fittings ...Tom @ TS Flightlines

As a point of information, some of you with early engines that were removed from certified planes, may have had -2 hose assemblies for fuel and oil pressure, as well as on some primer systems. The former solution was Mil 471-2D hose ends on 306 (H-5593) style rubber hose. Those that we have seen were very stiff--no snap, crackle, pop like Rice Krispies, but just snap and pop, broken during flexing.

WE make -2 stainless hose ends with certified nuts, stainless in this pic, for teflon hose. We also make an extended body version to custom bend angled fittings from 0* to 180*. This solves the issue of the rubber assembly, and teflon has no service life.

Same for the primer systems---same stem and body sized for the AN805-2 brass nut, ball seat connection. Set up for teflon. Custom creations!!


Kinky Stuff ...DanH Found in the Field

From my hangar neighbor's light sport. I noticed a short hose with an iffy radius. Sure enough, remove the firesleeve, and...

Even if it doesn't kink when new, over time a rubber hose will tend to collapse and kink if bent to near minimum radius. Give yourself some latitude when building.

Yeah, the wire clamp isn't great either.


Let me know what you think

Looking for a way to seal off the cold air at the aileron pushrod exit on fuselage.
I ran across these boots on Amazon and just received them today. As far as I can tell they seem to fit the application. The hole size is 2" and these fit a bit loose but they won't slip out as they are like a grommet. I cut a small hole in the end for the push rod. There is nothing to catch or bind but my wings aren't on yet.
I thought I would put the boot on the inside where it may be warmer and the rod end can't catch.

Can anyone see why these wouldn't work? At 28.95 for 4 that's a cheap fix.


Gas Strut for RV-4 Canopy

Hi All,

I'm refurbishing an RV-4 s/n 3662 and would like to replace the gas strut that supports the canopy. I've been told to just pick one up on Amazon but I'm having trouble figuring out which part will fit. And I'd prefer an aviation gas strut if such a thing exists.

Attached is a pic of what I've got. In the extended position pictured, it's 10 inches from bottom to top. The body is 4.5 inches. The strut measures 3+3/8" from the top of the black body to the bottom of the attach fitting (just the silver portion).

I'd appreciate a pointer to one that'll use the same orientation of the attach hardware. Any gouge you're willing to share on how to get the right strut will also be greatly appreciated.


RV-15 Update: Progress and Changes

...webinar last Friday.  (Greg) "...pretty much the entire purpose of the first article airplane design. Each of these changes are fairly subtle and really it's all one change. This is improvement and refinement. It's what we do."

(all changes)


Recent SB Releases from Mothership

- RV-12/12iS

- Most models SB-00036 posted: Inspect outboard elev hinge bracket area of most RV models ...a page for what we know to date.

image courtesy Van's Aircraft
(click to enlarge)


----->>>>> How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.


Hire My Son if You Are Hiring in the N.Texas area

...and need a young man with a STEM background who can work with his hands, and is willing to actually show up and work.

My son Tate's resume can be viewed in a larger format HERE.  He will graduate with a degree in Chemistry from SMU in May, but has skills most others his age do not possess:

  • knows how to weld (TIG / MIG / STIG)
  • can operate a car lift, torque lug nuts, change his own oil
  • changed the timing belt on his 2007 Honda Accord
  • has a forklift license (unloading trucks at Lowes)
  • can hold altitude, heading and airspeed in an RV-6 pretty dang well.

He would like to stay around N.Texas if possible.

Email: T8reeves 'at' gmail 'dot' com.

PS: That's him modeling the VAF cap top right back in the day.

Off Topic

I can almost guarantee some of you are going to save this picture so you can text it to friends when the situation is appropriate.  ;^), dr


EMB-505 / G-V / B350 / PC-12 / C208

Contact info and pilot resume at:

My name is Doug Reeves, and in addition to running this site I have 2,600+ hours TT, including PIC type ratings in both the G-V (550/450) and Embraer Phenom 300.  Additional time in Challenger 605, PC-12, C208 and King Air 350. 

I live in Dallas, TX and additionally work part time in seat support at CAE in their (4) Phenom and (1) G450/G550 sims.  Approaching 1,000 hours on motion during 350+ sessions.

I am available for contract SIC work. dr

Ratings and experience:


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