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Sep Wallpaper

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9/17/2021.  Issue #5,404.
  Thanks again for helping make this site the non-political, non-lawyerball, non-in-your-face back and forth civilized RV-only least crazy spot in the Milky Way.  The posting rules work and I'm so grateful for the oasis of sanity that this neighborhood is.  I'll keep trying as hard as I can to bring you a good product.
  And happy birthday to our family's RV-6 Flash, who turns 19 today.  She's a great airplane, from a great company, surrounded by great friends.  We are a lucky bunch us RV folk.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
  Need a Contract SIC?

My Early RV Grin ...papamike

4,312 days. After nearly 12 years I got my airworthiness certificate for N174PM!  My good friend Mel was thorough, as I knew he would be.


Canceled mid Atlantic RV Fly in Carrol County Airport 2021

...note from Steve Koziol

...our chapter had to cancel the Mid Atlantic Gathering of RVs for this weekend scheduled for September 18 with a rain date of September 19 due to logistical issues..... Thanks Steve Koziol KDMW Carroll County Airport, Westminster Maryland.


First Flights Added to Mothership


GMU 22 / GTP 59 Related

Thanks for the quick reply Chris. Glad to hear it's been trouble free. Getting close to finishing left wing. Wouldn't mind your feed back on my pitot/AOA mount. Mount is in approx. OEM location. I've twisted the power lines and plan on running them as far aft as possible in the aft most rib setup hole. I enlarged them slightly as per Van's.
I plan on going through the lightening hole at the I/B flap bracket and then back to the set up holes.


Sika Primer on Inside ...SeanB

What about applying the Sika Primer to the inside of the canopy (if I understand your need correctly)? Makes a nice Targa look. Obscures view of the roll bar.


Bad oil analysis results ...Lemos

I received bad news in an email from Blackstone. Looks like my engine is making metal. How bad are these values?

Aluminum 18 ppm. Iron 77 ppm. Copper 30 ppm. Nickel 11 ppm. Everything else is OK.

Blackstone notes: we have found high levels of iron and nickel compared to averages. Check the compressions, and check the oil filter. Resample in ten hours.

What am I looking at here? Engine overhaul? Is there a market for an airplane with an engine with these kind of problems?


TYP on Plans ...georgemohr

On the plans for the 14, I see some references to "TYP". I understand this to mean "typical", and is used when the specifics of this feature might differ build to build.

If that is right, I don't understand the usage below. This is calling out some match drilling, which should not have variability, right? If I'm way off, please set me straight!


Video of the RV-15's Announcement

...will stay on the front page for now.  And there now a dedicated RV-15 section in the VAF Forums.  Go there.

5min 20sec clip


Mothership Jobs Open listing (CNC Programmer)


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09-16-2021: Reno Air Races
09-17-2021: Reno Air Races
09-18-2021: Reno Air Races, Seaside Municipal Airport Fly-In, Houston area RV lunch (LOCATION CHANGE EFFECTIVE 9/13)
09-19-2021: Reno Air Races
09-25-2021: Land of Enchantment Fly-In / Albuquerque-KAEG
10-01-2021: 2021 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-02-2021: 2021 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-03-2021: 2021 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-04-2021: 2021 Pine Bluff Formation Clinic
10-14-2021: High Sierra Fly-In - Dead Cow Lakebed/North of Reno, NV
10-15-2021: High Sierra Fly-In - Dead Cow Lakebed/North of Reno, NV
10-16-2021: High Sierra Fly-In - Dead Cow Lakebed/North of Reno, NV
10-17-2021: High Sierra Fly-In - Dead Cow Lakebed/North of Reno, NV
10-18-2021: High Sierra Fly-In - Dead Cow Lakebed/North of Reno, NV


----->>>>> How to Minimize the Chance You <<<<<-----
----->>>>> Could be Dealing with a Scammer <<<<<-----
...when using the classifieds.



Off Topic



My name is Doug Reeves and I have 2,400+ hours TT, including a PIC type rating in the Embraer Phenom 300 (I am current).  I live in Dallas, TX and work part time in seat support at CAE in their three Phenom Level D simulators.  My ratings and background:

ATP CTP class taken Dec 2020.
ATP Written Passed Dec 2020. (90%)
All checkrides passed on the first attempt.

PIC Type Rating:
Embraer Phenom 300
(Typed 2/21/21)
Embraer Phenom 300
Level D Simulator
Right Seat Program

( 600.5  hrs w/motion on
during  238  sims)
Pilatus PC-12NG
(35 hours)
Cessna Grand Caravan EX
(100 hours)
Van's Aircraft RV-6
(1,500 hours / 300 in formation)



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