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10/4/2023.  Issue #5,921. (previous day's news).

Alaska to the Lower US ...a video by Herman.

2nd part of 4 videos of my summer tour 2023 with my RV-8.  Yes I did this!


Before They Were RVators

(Bill E.)
Designed and built my first R/C glider at age 12 for the brand new EK Logictrol R/C system 1972ish..and it actually flew. Made my first "real" solo in 1976 in a Cherokee 140, and built the RV-4, first flight 2010. Like many of us on here, my aviation passion started with the influence of my late father way back with the push toys and models. He earned his PPL ticket in 1972 , though his day job was a dentist, flying was his dream. I'm glad he got me started young, and he did get to fly in the RV-4 before his passing.

(Steve Rush)
Me in Saudi Arabia in 1991 during (actually just after) Desert Storm as an F-15 Crew Chief. Shortly after picking up my new (to me) RV-8, a few years later.

(Paul Dye)
Fifty Years Apart...
OK, so here I was getting my feet wet in full-sized aviating by cleaning airplanes and helping restore a couple of J-3 Cubs (learned to fly in them, trading sweat equity for flight time...) - and then a recent picture in RV-9 Serial #1 (its now a 9A with a Rotax 915iS) ...the smile is because I like it!

I don't really miss all that unruly hair


Green color in center of exhaust valve ...cdeggz reply

Very interesting. I usually operate LOP but still have the green color on the center. I'd love to hear if anybody knows what the green is or why it is there.

The symmetry is reassuring, but would love to understand more!


Priming Issues - Technique or Moisture

I recently ran into some issues that I'm unable to solve with my white, two-part epoxy primer.

I've utilized this product successfully on other parts, but recently I started getting spots in the first coat. I thought it was moisture, so I bled the tank, lines, etc. but to no avail. I added a desiccant filter and another moisture trap--still no improvement.

It happens on any surface, even the plastic booth wall and untreated aluminum.

Another forum mentioned that I might be applying too thick. I'd agree, that for a first coat this appears thick, though I did spray it twice once the spots appears as an initial gut reaction to "cover" them up. (I quickly realized the only way to salvage this was to abandon the pot of paint and clean off what was sprayed.)

Does anyone know what this could be? I'm not the best or most experienced with paint--in fact I likely rant toward the bottom of that list, so feel free to offer up even the most basic of suggestions.


What Happened to this Cylinder?

Overhauled O320-E2D (with 8.5:1 pistons)
ECI Cylinders AEL65102 non-AD cylinders

Found wavy wear region during borescope of #4 Cylinder when Blackstone called me to tell me my chrome is way too high (110 ppm, should be single digits). Engine was running great producing good power with only 20 hrs on it. No metal in filter or screen when changed at 10 hrs of run time...though there was some very fine powdery steel caught on magnet which I assumed was from break-in.

When I first scoped it I assumed broken ring. Rings are not broke, but the wear on the rings is atypical. Side clearance on top land is out of spec (.009), but there was enough wear on the sides of that top compression ring that I couldn't see the laser etched part number anymore. Not sure if either of these is a symptom or a cause.

Poplar Grove did the IRAN with new hone and new rings, etc. The other cylinders seem fine but the compressions are really low (60s) with all air going past the rings on all cylinders. Break-in seemed to be great with all CHTs and oil consumption good, until the last 5-10 hrs the oil consumption started going up, presumably due to to this issue. CHTs were good but you can see the steel barrel was hot enough to discolor and bubble the paint on the outside.

Any idea what would cause the rings to wear the cylinder like that?? you can feel the waviness to the wear, couple that with overheating the barrel and I think the cylinder is trash.

These are the parts using in overhaul, supplied from Poplar Grove. From my research they are the correct rings. Although rocketbob show a different Superior set for steel than what Lycoming and Continental/Titan/ECI show

Ring Set 05K22035 - 74241(2), 14H21950(1)


Smoke Test

Well, no smoke came out, but she kicked a code.
I checked the cable pin for pin. All tested good.
I swapped to other Network Ports.
No joy.
I'm waiting for a response from AFS.
Any ideas?


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