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May Wallpaper

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May 7, 2021.  Issue #5,336.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.
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RV-8 and the Post Maintenance Flights ...ArlingtonRV

With the 2021 condition inspection completed all that remained was to perform a test flight to make sure that everything worked as advertised. Saturday 5/1/21 provided just enough decent weather to do that.

The weather on Sunday was better and I was ready to play. Carl took off about 20 minutes before me so I headed in the same direction. I caught up to him just north of Astoria and we flew home together. In the process, he managed to get some pretty good pictures of me.  -->video



Primer inside a fuel tank!?

A friend bought older RV6 partially built kit. He recently completed one fuel tank and went to start the other and noticed the parts were all primed except the skins. Of course he's wondering why the heck he didn't notice it before building the first tank. It looks like it is the Sherwin Williams wash primer. His question to me was "do you think the primer in the tank is a problem?" Gosh I really don't know I said. That's a good question for this forum.

He's ready to rip the first tank apart and re do it but would appreciate thoughts and input you may have. Thanks


Reported on the Mothership


Substituting rivets

Hypothetically, if someone were skinning a horizontal stabilizer, got the front spar riveted, then switched to riveting the ribs but forgot to switch to the shorter rivets called out on the plan...thereby installing 426-3-4 where the plans say 426-3-3.5 ... could such a person reasonably say that it's close enough, and honestly they look pretty good anyway, and it'd probably do more harm than good trying to drill out 30ish rivets. Hypothetically. Asking for a friend.

I did learn today that you can nicely buck a rivet that's too long to squeeze without clinching. So there's that.


Reusable AFP fuel filter and solvent ...Kahuna

Over the past 500 hours or so I have noticed a slow progressing need for the boost pump, culminating in fuel starvation and an uneventful landing on a recent cross country.

A check of the fuel line at the servo and boost pump on resulted in fuel shot across the ramp. Seemed fine. Test flight, and again fuel starvation.

A check of the fuel filter show nothing. Visually spotless. Until I tried to blow through it. Definite restriction. Cleaned filter with carb cleaner, and I could see a light yellow color in the solvent. Reassembled, and no restriction blowing through it. Problem solved. Flown another 10 hours until home with no need at all for the boost pump which is something I had not seen in years.

This is an AFP 40 micron filter. One of those 6ILA assemblies.

I checked the paperwork for cleaning instructions and "The filter element can be removed from the filter cap and cleaned in mineral spirits then blown dry with compressed air"

Hmm. "Can be"

Checked with a couple other high time experienced RV'ers, and they too had never run solvent through the filter.

With 2500 hours over 20 years on the filter, I have never done more than visual inspection, clean off any debris, and reinstalled. Never any solvent. I have no idea what had been building up in inside the element, but obviously something had. Also no indication in the docs about service life. Installed a new one.

1. Dont let a slow creeping issue go unresolved.
2. Clean the filter with solvent at annual.
3. After assembly, blow through the housing, it should blow quite freely.


Nerves Before a Flight ...many great replies

I love my RV, but before I make a big flight, I always feel a little but nervous. Tomorrow, I am supposed to fly from Borrego Springs to Reno, NV to spend the night. After the night there, I fly to Red Bluff, and then home. But, I find myself looking at this trip with some trepidation.

I'm nervous that maybe the weather won't be good enough, or I will not be able to get the airplane started when the engine is warm before I kill the battery, and I'll be stranded. I'm nervous about the aircraft getting its avionics stolen while it's sitting on the ramp overnight. Or maybe I'll get a flat tire.

What do y'all do to help calm your nerves before you fly?


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Would You Build an "RV STOL Super Cub"?

If yes, let me know and I'll add your name in the folder.  I've created a 63-page sales pitch
[ed. 8/2020 update....I have
100+ names saying they will order it NOW and continue to get emails saying the same that I'm just filing away.  We've established demand <g>.]

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Hoping to supplement VAF with some side work.


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