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11/29/2023.  Issue #5,960. (previous day's news)

Fuel tank pressure testing helper!

For anyone that has struggled to seal the tank fill fitting when pressure testing your tank, this little puppy works perfectly and is $8 at Lowes. Be sure to monitor how much pressure you use because this dude ain't gonna give like a glove, balloon or condom! I will be using a digital manometer and a small hand pump.


Same, but a little different issue

I stumbled upon this thread while searching for snorkel to baffle installations. I am on round 2 of the CB-1002A with the snorkel fitted. My issue is with fitting it to the cowl inlet. My first iteration I did not leave enough forward edge with the diagonal bend. With my current iteration, I did not bend the diagonal across the floor before cutting as I was thinking this was not necessary but now I have about a 3/4" to 1" gap between the cowl inlet and the baffle floor. Should I add the bend and then add some fiberglass to the snorkel to close the gap?


Elevators 6 skin rivets.


So I am racking my brains and going crazy.

Each elevator has us leave 6 rivets off between the skin and the rear spar. We use that area later to acces 2 rivets near the front spar and the end caps.

9-19 Fig 3.

9-18 fig 2.

When do we close those last 6 rivets up? I'm guessing its right before the tank sealant on the foam ribs, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

I'm losing my mind over that.


RV-14 7-star Landing Lights - Final position question

Thanks everyone for your responses. I decided to mount mine with an aiming bracket. My kit did not include a W-00016B, but it was easy enough to fab a pivot bracket.


Mushy Brake

After more than 20 years and 2000 hours I developed a mushy right brake on my RV-6. No worries, bought a rebuild kit and overhauled the Parker 10-30 master cylinder, bled the brake from the bottom up, and had a nice, tight brake.

After a couple days and a number of flights, the right brake gradually started to get mushy again. After a week or so, no brake at all. Checked the lines and fittings and couldn't find a drop of brake fluid. Pulled the right brake line and found it to be clogged. Hmmm, okay, removed and replaced the brake line, bled the brakes - nice and tight...for three days. Same problem.

At this point I'm scratching my head. I've read many previous posts on attach points, sideloads, top versus bottom bleeding, scratched push tubes, etc. yet can't figure out what's going on.

When I get in the cockpit, hold pressure on the brake pedal with my hand, and observe the reservoir line I do see small bubbles rising in the line, which seems to indicate air is entering the system somewhere, but I'd think there'd be associated signs of brake fluid at those air-entry points.

Any ideas on what to troubleshoot? Rebuild the caliper? Replace fittings? Screwed up master cylinder overhaul?


Peeling/flaking paint touch up

I have an RV12 that is now about ten years old and paint has started peeling along the seam between two sheets of skin on the upper tailcone/rear fuselage - see pic for clarity.

There are a couple other spots where paint is a little rough but I don't want to shell out $10k+ to have the whole plane repainted.

What are my options to touch up areas where paint has peeled and stop it degrading further? What do I need to look out for when buying products that are aluminum safe? Any other caveats to keep in mind?


Screw size for engine baffles

Q: Looking for the screw size n thread that attaches the engine baffles. I believe 12 screws are needed and 3-4 larger screws (behind cyl #3 and #4)

A: 1/4 x 20 IIRC.


Hangar build

I started building my hangar this past summer. 50'x38' cement slab, 15' from floor to ceiling. Plans are to sheath and metal roof and sides, as well as insulate and metal ceiling and interior. Plans for a mezzanine and deck, as well as a bedroom for visitors.

Door opening is 38'x12' and I'll be going a sliding door route for now. I have a 2200' grass strip at CRA3 and cleared 2 acres of trees for parking. Will eventually have fly ins every 2nd weekend in September.




Being close to Engine runs I am belatedly endeavoring to install the Starter Contactor Diode in my VERY slow build RV6.

Somehow, (lost in history) I ended up with an Aircraft Spruce supplied contactor Diode rather than the Vans supplied (Blue) ES DIODE STARTER.

The Spruce supplied diode is too short by about 0.5 inch, being approx. 3.4" long center to center.

I suspect that the VANS supplied Contactor (1999 Kit) is sightly fatter than the "standard" ACS contactor.

Has anybody else come across this situation?

i would be very grateful if somebody plse measure the center-to-center length of a Vans starter Diode for me.

You don't want to know how much fun it WASNT to try & install the diode AFTER engine installation, especially on a taildragger which has a much more complex engine Mount that gets in the way of EVERY tool.

I had to shorten a ratchet ring/open ender, but then when the bolt got wound out a bit the rachet end jammed on the contactor body & of course being a ratchet you can't tighten it up at that stage. Talsk about Catch 22.

Result, need to undo more fasteners at about 45 degrees per turn available........ You probably heard me cussing from the USA.


Laser Cut Parts List updated; Service Letter SL-00091 published

Van's Aircraft has published an updated Laser Cut Parts List (R6), which reflects further analysis on parts manufacturing dates and reclassifies certain parts.


SL-00091 REV1

Laser Cut Parts and Certification of Aircraft
Refers reader to the updated Laser-Cut Parts List as well as the Laser-Cut Parts Engineering Evaluation document; and addresses the use and inspection of these parts.


Updated Factory Hours ...will leave this up here for a few weeks.


Business Update 10/27: 1900Z ...factory.

"We need to share some difficult information about the status of Van's Aircraft, and we invite you to watch this brief video from Dick VanGrunsven, founder of Van's Aircraft. All of us at Van's truly value the loyalty and confidence you have shown us over these many years. We will be in touch soon to update you on our progress. For more information, please visit"


Need Help Replacing LCP Parts? 

As of 10/26

...we've started a list of volunteers willing to help you if you are a new builder and think you need help replacing parts.  Credit for this idea goes to user PilotjohnS.

Help us help those who need it if you have the time and space.  This community really is amazing.  There is a link to this thread over on the right side of the front page below the ads.


Upcoming Events from the VAF Calendar

12-03-2023: Brent Anderson Celebration of Life
12-09-2023: Pilots With Presents Fly In

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Need Help Replacing LCP Parts? ...a list of volunteers standing by.


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