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RV Panels Hi Rez

VAF Charity Cap

Mar 27, 2023  Issue #5,785. (previous day's news)

David Paule's Updated Photo on his Storage Rig least 8 years of evolution (original post was in '15). 

"The rivets are in empty plastic water bottles, and the nuts and bolts and that sort of hardware are in labeled bins. White on clear works best for the labels.

This was worked so well.....

If I drop a rivet bottle nothing happens. No lost rivets. Thanks to whomever suggested it."


Scott Flandermeyer RV-10 Milestone

Not a big one for most of you, but it was for me.


Scott McDaniels added to the DAR page.

....let's leave it at 'he's qualified'.


What did you do with your RV this weekend (March 25, 2023 through March 26, 2023)


Pitot control box in wing tip?

Has anyone installed a pitot heater control box on the outboard side of the last wing rib? I'm thinking about installing mine there but I'm worried about water damaging the controller if/when any leaks in through the wing tip seam. Garmin confirmed that they don't use sealed connectors and that water could damage it if it gets in. However, I know a lot of people install magnetometers in their wing tips and I haven't seen anything that says those are built for water exposure so maybe it's not as big of an issue as I'm imagining?

If I hadn't already cut the hole in the skin for the pitot tube I would probably just move it one bay inboard so that I could install the control box next to the aileron bellcrank inspection panel but the opening I've already cut is too far away for that.


Rear Seat Headphone Jacks ...RV-8


Gear width on an RV6

Q: I just bought an RV6 with the engine disassembled and was just delivered yesterday. The gear looks a little narrow. The seller bought it from the insurance company and had it transported to his home airport. I'm wondering if the shipping ratcheted the gear together and bent the gear.

The engine is off the plane and the measurement from outside to outside of the wheels is 82". I'm not sure how much the gear will spread out with the engine mounted. I'm thinking maybe a 3-5". What's the measurement of your gear width

A: According to the RV6 plans 3-view, the distance is 6'8" or 80 inches.


First Flights Added to Mothership Page


Mothership at SnF

 (map) NE-012, NE-013, NE-014, NE-027, NE-028

"Come see us in Lakeland, Florida at the Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo, which runs from March 28th to April 2nd.

We plan to have the RV-10 and RV-14A at the show for you to see and sit in. Additional/other aircraft are currently being planned and we will update this announcement when we have the details.

Our staff will be on-hand to talk about RVs and to help answer your questions. You'll find us in the Northeast outdoor exhibits, at booth 12.

Due to stringent flight test schedule requirements, we won't be able to take the RV-15 prototype to Sun 'n Fun this year, but we will be glad to answer questions and talk about the new airplane, of course!

See you there!"


Upcoming Events from the VAF Calendar

04-15-2023: 2nd Annual Paul Canton Fly-In @ KOBI - Woodbine, NJ
04-29-2023: West Coast Formation clinic, Madera CA
04-30-2023: West Coast Formation clinic, Madera CA
06-03-2023: RVSocial Ramona airport


Open Positions at the Mothership

  • Aircraft Painter NEW LISTING
  • Builder Technical Support Specialist
  • TIG Welder
  • CNC Punch Press Operator ...a page for what we know to date.

image courtesy Van's Aircraft
(click to enlarge)


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