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  • planenutz
    planenutz reacted to DanH's post in the thread Leaning While Climbing with Like Like.
    Illustration, AFP FM-200, IO-390, WOT and full rich from 200 to 15000 feet. Bendix-type metering is based on velocity and density, so...
  • Dr_Dave_MT
    Dr_Dave_MT reacted to DerekS's post in the thread Rv-10 rolling fuselage cart with Haha Haha.
    Mine was down there too, chosen mostly to assure stability. I never wished for it to be higher, and found it particularly useful when...
  • R
    rhill replied to the thread Lycoming value.
    I don't want to be a wise a..., are there logs? N number anything on history other then hear say? Wide deck or narrow deck? Outside as...
  • A
    Thank you, might end up going that route. I’m doing this during the build but I still don’t have a feel for where all then firewall...
  • V
    Vlad replied to the thread 1998 RV6 For Sale N999SN.
    Sorry to hear that Mike. Good memories flying together on my Aleutian trip 2018. Thanks for a great accommodation. You know where to...
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  • rvbuilder2002
    In case people are getting the wrong idea from my previous comments… I never meant to imply that if you want to make your RV faster, and...
  • B
    BobRv4 replied to the thread GDL-82 Issues.
    You can legally use anonymous mode anytime, been using it since day one of adsb mandate. This issues has just started. Also anonymous...
  • P
    PilotjohnS replied to the thread Prop pitch at high altitude?.
    I have been studying this for a while now, with the thought of re pitching my fixed pitch Catto to produce more RPM, hoping for more...
  • 12vaitor
    12vaitor replied to the thread Viking 110 ECU.
    Been down that road on the 110 ECU years ago and I switched to an alternative. A few years ago, Mark Hubelbank started an effort to...
  • n82rb
    n82rb replied to the thread Lycoming value.
    if its been outside uncovered for 5 years im sure the case is unserviceable due to corrosion. and probably everthing else is scrap metal.
  • catmandu
    catmandu replied to the thread GRT Tech Support - RAV!.
    I routinely refer to this as "upside down the wrong way in an airplane." :)
  • n82rb
    n82rb replied to the thread ELT Batteries help..
    an experimental is never airworthy, it is in a safe condition for flight. if it safe? i would say so. HOWEVER, the pilot in command is...
  • Tankerpilot75
    Figs, Three things. 1. When flying an ILS/VDP approach make sure you have the appropriate navigation guidance selected on the gps and...
  • D
    David Paule replied to the thread Scott's RV14A: N52XL.
    I thought that red yarn thing was raw ground meat at first. "Huh, would that work?" Then I figured it out, fortunately before trying it...