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  1. Chino RV/Warbird Extravaganza
  2. Need tie-down space / recommendation
  3. Anything Happening in SoCal Saturday (5/26)?
  4. 1st annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK)
  5. 1st annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK) was a success
  6. New to RVs: Want to meet San Diego RV Pilots
  7. events w/o 17 jun?
  8. Anybody (with an empty seat) from SoCal going to Vans' homecoming?
  9. Irvine- Tethered balloon?
  10. Need Souther Calif spin training reference
  11. Wanted: Right/Back Seat to Independence, from S.Calif.
  12. Anyone going to the airshow in Camarillo?
  13. Red Bull Air Race San Diego Anyone?
  14. Come celebrate Ironflight's B-day (today) on Sunday
  15. Compton Airfair This weekend, 9/22
  16. Big Bear Fly-In and Birthday Bash Report
  17. SoCal to LOE Gaggle?
  18. Apple Valley Airshow and Corona Air Show Sat.
  19. Great Source for Hardware in SoCal
  20. Ride
  21. Local builders French Valley or Hemet
  22. LA basin transit tips?
  23. Flying into San Francisco/Oakland
  24. Flying to San Diego
  25. Anybody going up for an RV Flight in San Diego today?
  26. Looking for a Safety Pilot
  27. Corona CA Mid-Air Collision
  28. OT: near San Jose hangar?
  29. How do I find...
  30. Looking for temporary hangar rental in SOCAL
  31. RV owners in san diego area
  32. Who Was That Masked RV? - Fuel Prices
  33. Stuff to do in No-Cal
  34. Looking for a CFII in the LA area
  35. CFI & plane sought for PPL completion
  36. Flying into Tahoe
  37. Wanted ride in a RV-7 in Sacramento area
  38. RV-8 around KSNS?
  39. Time to act.
  40. Shameless plug for a ride (So Cal)
  41. Transient Parking at SBA
  42. RV-A training in SF Bay area?
  43. Parking at O61, Cameron, CA
  44. HWD (Hayward CA airport)
  45. Panels?
  46. FBO recomendation at VNY
  47. Any alt-engine RV's in LA area?
  48. Reid-Hillview Users, please read
  49. Need safety pilot near KPAO
  50. Need overnight parking recomendations SoCAL
  51. Golden West this Weekend
  52. runways up towards Shaver Lake?above fresno
  53. RV flying around San Diego
  54. Looking for the corner of a hanger to store RV-7 wings in the Los Angeles area
  55. Truckee Hangar Space
  56. Looking to assist
  57. Builder Inspiration Day Saturday at Reid-Hillview
  58. Lake Tahoe Golf Trip
  59. Recommendation for Towing company in San Jose
  60. Susanville, CA Fly-in
  61. Looking for Temporary Parking Bay Area
  62. Which airport to live by in SoCal?
  63. Late Notice for Today....
  64. Camarillo
  65. Tech Inspector in SF Bay Area?
  66. Fresno CA flyin this weekend
  67. Northern California this weekend
  68. Anyone from SoCal going to LOE with an open seat?
  69. JAVIER RV8-SPAIN moves to Monterey,CA
  70. Partner Wanted for RV-9a at STS
  71. RV-8 owners/builders/flyers around San Francisco?
  72. Gillespie Field, San Diego
  73. Anyone around Miramar?
  74. Day After Thanksgiving Fly Out
  75. RV-8 Builder Visiting Palmdale, Ca
  76. Big Bear Brunch on Sunday
  77. Los Angeles Area RV's
  78. Sacramento bound....
  79. Snow in Mojave and RVs
  80. Looking to share dry hangar space at PAO or RHV
  81. SoCAL looking for RV ride. will buy the gas.
  82. Inspection help in Modesto CA?
  83. Lunch in Rosamond tomorrow?
  84. Hangar for sale - San Rafael (CA35)
  85. Hangar space for an RV in Cameron Park California
  86. Recommended first flight airports and DARs in SoCal
  87. Looking for ferry pilot and a CFI
  88. Any RVators around Woodland Hills?
  89. LAX airspace
  90. Hangar For Sale (Placerville, CA)
  91. Watsonville Airport
  92. 100ll.com reporting $2.39 fuel at Harris Ranch -- too good to be true?
  93. Mojave for breakfast!
  94. Spare time
  95. Any RV's in NorCal?
  96. Visiting SoCal next week...
  97. Any interest in 50% ownership of a RV-6A or RV-7A in Bay Area?
  98. Hangar space Needed in Truckee/Tahoe
  99. Poker run this Sunday, March 15th. Also $2.86/gal fuel at Inyokern (IYK)
  100. RV-4 incident at Santa Rosa, CA
  101. Thinking about having a wings and wheels gathering, can you give me some pointers?
  102. Pilots needed - (Young Eagles) Day in the Sky 5 - Watsonville April 18, 2009
  103. Hangar Available @ RNM San Diego
  104. Share transportation expenses SF, CA. East bay area
  105. Transition Training in NorCal?
  106. Coming to SF Bay Area, trying to find a ride
  107. Need a ride to OSH from SoCal (IYK)
  108. Frasier Lake 1C9
  109. Any RV'ers around John Wayne Airport, CA?
  110. Expected arrival into Hawthorne (HHR)
  111. looking for rv owners in san diego area
  112. San Diego
  113. Info needed on Long Beach KLGB - parking
  114. Norcal RV community
  115. 18th Annual EAA Chapter 1000 Airport Barbeque (Rosamond, CA)
  116. Pancake Breakfast
  117. Pre-buy inspection in Bakersfield?
  118. N33RV
  119. Starting my "old style" RV-8 tail kit. Jig Needed in SoCal!
  120. Best Route to San Diego
  121. Looking for BUILDER ASSISTANCE in SF Bay Area, for RV-8, will pay!
  122. Any pictures of the Golden West Show?
  123. Any RVators around Woodland Hills, CA?
  124. airshow in Rancho Palos Verdes
  125. Just moved to the Antelope Valley
  126. Tech advisor at HWD?
  127. Desert Center airport, L64
  128. Any RV-8's in Irvine area?
  129. Any RVators around Camarillo/Pt Mugu, CA
  130. Taildragger Training near Los Angeles
  131. anyone at Petaluma this weekend? o69
  132. Builder Space Available - SoCal
  133. Oxygen in Sacramento Area
  134. Traveling to Buchanan Field KCCR
  135. RV owners in Santa Barbara?
  136. anyone in Monterey this weekend for Races?
  137. Builder/partners wanted in Van Nuys CA
  138. stranded in Camarillo CA
  139. Sonoma RV-8 Mazda/Rotary guys
  140. Ride from So. Cal to Camarillo?
  141. Oxygen in the RV-8
  142. partner(s) wanted
  143. Rio Vista CA wings and wheels event Oct 4th
  144. Jackson-Westover Wings and Wheels
  145. Technical Counselor, Sacramento
  146. Looking for RV9/9A Pilots Near VNY
  147. Hangar Partner APV
  148. Hangar Partner APV
  149. Hanger needed in So Cal.
  150. Byron/Tracy Hanger Space
  151. DAR Recommendation for N. California?
  152. Looking for Instructor recommendation at KSAN
  153. Need CFI checkout - Northern California
  154. Seeking CFII with RV-10 exp near Santa Monica (KSMO)
  155. RV-4 Annual Condition Inspection
  156. transition training in So. Cal?
  157. Big Bear (L35) lunch on Saturday 3/20
  158. Barstow area info
  159. Could use a little help in Bakersfield
  160. Calaveras Airfaire 4/24/10
  161. Roll call for the Chino, CA airshow.
  162. Nice RV's at Rio Linda Airport today in Sacramento, CA
  163. Napa accomodations
  164. Chicken Strip
  165. Anyone flying into Whiteman or Van Nuys to show off an RV-7
  166. Builder help
  167. Mammoth Lakes temp hangar ?
  168. RV Partnership in San Diego?
  169. Looking for an A&P in Ontario, CA to perform engine inspection
  170. Looking for hangar space 8/10 at DVO.
  171. looking for A&P for pre-buy inspection in San Jose, Ca. area
  172. Newbie
  173. Hangar for sale - San Diego, KSEE
  174. Looking for RV-10's in SF bay area
  175. Hangar space in Nor Cal?
  176. Any RV-10 builders/flyers in Orange County CA?
  177. I want to help you build / learn near Sacramento CA
  178. 3rd Sorta Annual New Years Day gathering at Big Bear, CA (L35)
  179. Overnight Hangar Space in Truckee?
  180. RV-12 in building in the Bay Area?
  181. RV Flying in to Ontario, CA?
  182. RV-9A in San Diego?
  183. Welding Cable Wanted - SF North Bay
  184. Moving to the Bay Area...
  185. Paint Shop within 500 miles of So Cal?
  186. Places to stay in Southern Ca
  187. Reid-Hillview FBO?
  188. Looking for a SoCal RV-12 for a "fit check"
  189. Builders Space - Cable Airport EAA Hangar So. Cal.
  190. Best airport near disneyland ?
  191. Looking for an RV-9A ride (San Diego)
  192. Shop Space Available in San Francisco
  193. RV-6A partnership wanted? SoCal
  194. Paint Shop - SF Bay Area?
  195. Flying Into San Diego, CA (KMYF)
  196. Flying to Mammoth - Advice Please
  197. Airports/Hangars near Edwards AFB?
  198. Half Moon Bay
  199. Planes of Fame Chino Flyin
  200. Hangar Share at Gillespie (KSEE)
  201. Pre-purchase Inspection Los Angeles
  202. Half Moon Bay Lodging and Parking
  203. Any Rv Builders/owners in Bakersfield, CA?
  204. Looking for a ride in a RV-10
  205. RV 9 Preview plans for sale
  206. Need Hanger Space in Bay Area
  207. Future Owner requesting RV-6/7 ride in SOCAL
  208. Hangar space available to share at Reid Hillview RHV
  209. RV day at Mojave, CA on Saturday, August 20th
  210. WTR: Hangar space (SoCal)
  211. Need Pre-Inspection in Los Angeles, CA Area!!!
  212. best airport for Beverly Hills
  213. Looking for RV-8 ride in San Diego, CA
  214. Newest RV owner!!
  215. Wanted; Hangar space in San Diego area
  216. PPL training recommendations in Rosamond/EDW/Lancaster CA?
  217. Pre-buy inspection in sac area
  218. Airpark Estates
  219. Builder network in San Diego
  220. Builder assistance in SoCal
  221. Cool places/people to visit 2hr driving radius KMOD
  222. place to eat near Castle AFB museum?
  223. RV-7 Training
  224. Boxing Day (26th) at L35
  225. New builder (in theory) in Mountain View; anyone around?
  226. Chico Builders/Flyers?
  227. New to the Bay Area
  228. KHAF ?
  229. Any RV owners and Blue Knights in The Los Angeles area.
  230. 4th annual ice cream social, Inyokern CA (IYK)
  231. Best Airport For Seeing San Francisco
  232. Help: Need avionics tech near the Los Angeles area
  233. Wanted RV Fly in
  234. Anybody open to giving a ride in an RV-8?
  235. New to SMO - Just bought an RV-6
  236. Palm springs or Bermuda dunes?
  237. Possible move to the East Bay area
  238. Anybody willing to have a prospecitve builder help with their project?
  239. Building a Personal Airstrip in California
  240. RV-8 ride Northern California
  241. FAA Sacramento
  242. Big Bear, CA
  243. Electrical supply dealer near Camarillo/Pt Mugu?
  244. Pre deployment fun - looking for flight in Nor Cal (thread moved to 'CA' sect. by dr)
  245. Best place to park/stay overnight in Sacramento area?
  246. Golden West----come see the RV-1
  247. Ideas for getting a 9A from L.A. to ABQ?
  248. Looking for storage space / hangar for fuselage while I build wings in Sacramento
  249. Rolling wing cradle, free to good home
  250. San Diego on 4th July