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The VAF News 2.12.2024 (w/Off Topic)

Still in the study meat grinder, but getting close to the ride (what day this even?!?!). Might not be an edition of the news tomorrow, FYI. Hope you had a nice weekend and your Monday is going swell.

Another happy RV-8 customer
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What did you do with your RV this weekend? (2.10-11.2024)
My wife and I enjoyed the NZSAA Sport Aircraft Fly-in in Whakatane this weekend. Unfortunately the weather was not kind to the event however we managed to make the nearly 800 nm flight up and back without too much drama. I would have preferred not to have endured the solid 20 knot headwind all the way home. It got a bit rough in places. This was the first visit to the North Island for ZK-XTC and we were very proud to finally show her to friends and relatives up that way.
We saw a wide range of weather conditions from clear skies down south to sea fog and rain in the Bay of Plenty, calm conditions in Whitianga and gusty 25 to 30 knots landing at Whanganui... we had it all. I must admit I was wishing I had an autopilot with ALT HOLD for the longer legs. In all we did 11.3 hours over the three days and we loved every minute of it.
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DIY Dehumidifier Purge Pump
I built this pretty cheaply, I like the desiccant in a vertical tube for a couple reasons. Can watch it progress saturation up the tube and gauge its useful life remaining. In my mind, like a cascade O2 system, I’m maximizing the use of the desiccant by passing through more saturated beads first. Not sure if desiccant really works this way. But feel guaranteed I’m getting dry air as long as top of the tube is orange.
BTW, 7/8 OD tube fits snugly into the oil fill on my IO 360, simple, cheap and secure.
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Which -12 Kit to Order Next …RV-12David PIREP
I did the wings as the second kit. They get big fast. Lots of prep work deburring and priming parts. The actual assembly went fast. Had the preclose inspection just before the winter hangar temperatures started. Just need to rivet the top skins and the wing tops together to complete. Have built the fuse kit over the winter in my ”warmer” garage.
I think either are a good choice for the next kit depending on your space and conditions.
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