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RV-8 Grin!


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Best friend grin!!


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My best friend with 4 legs loves to go in anything with 4 wheels and I wanted to try him out in the RV8. For safety I removed the rear seat stick and tethered him enough that he could move to look out or lay down but not much more. No overt excitement on take off or straight and level. I would look back at him and he would alternate between looking out and laying down....no whining, barking, barfing or trying to get in front with me. So next I exposed him to a roll. A big, slow, positive G barrel roll ala Bob Hoover. He was laying down at the start and the same at the end. As the picture shows, back on the ground, he had the RV grin big time! So, he is good to go but I always take the stick out and strap him down enough to keep him on the seat.


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