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  1. ADF really needed?
  2. SL-30 NAV/COM: 2 VORs?
  3. Recommended avionics for training
  4. GPS Simulators on PC and shooting approaches
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  6. altimeter for IFR
  7. Electronic flight computer
  8. equipment for ifr
  9. Avionics Questions
  10. RV-8 IFR Instruction
  11. holding on the LOM at McMinnville. OR
  12. Planning a GPS Approach? Don't let this happen to you!
  13. Ice / NACA 23012
  14. Wazzit-do?
  15. GNC300/SL30 vs. GNS 430/SL40
  16. Cheapest IFR platform
  17. IFR Flying Video
  18. Actual IFR Traning in RVs
  19. Instrument Approach Speeds
  20. "Resume Own Navigation"
  21. instrument rating in a hurry
  22. Instrument rating in the winter?
  23. Heated Pitot
  24. IFR/Garmin 430 - How would you do it?
  25. Rambling thoughts on IFR training
  26. Instrument Training
  27. Woes of SEL IFR
  28. WAAS?
  29. Midwest IR Examiner in RV?
  30. Flight Safety Report
  31. Chicagoland Area IFR Instructor
  32. Blew my checkride...:(
  33. I just passed my IFR checkride
  34. What to Do for Basic IFR Panel?
  35. Instruments in Experimental A/C (FAR 91.319)
  36. IFR requirements
  37. Wx Radr Options
  38. Jepp Charts - Worth it?
  39. Earned my Instrument Rating Yesterday!
  40. TruTrak ADI and IFR
  41. Did you do your IFR practical test in an RV?
  42. Would this panel be IFR legal?
  43. Sportys/King Instrument DVD Courses
  44. Upgrading to IFR
  45. Decent, inexpensive altitude alerter.
  46. Aircharts
  47. Approaches - Hand-flying versus Coupled
  48. ILS Speed?
  49. Are Needle and Ball Obsolete?
  50. FAR 61.57(c)(1) question
  51. OnTop Software
  52. Actual vs. Simulated
  53. approach plates-terminal procedures
  54. Logbook entry required for GPS Database Updates
  55. Homebuilt IFR Equipment
  56. GPS and NAV Antenna's for IFR - I would do differently
  57. Instrument Rated!
  58. Say Altitude
  59. Does IFR Flight Require Heated Pitot?
  60. Known Ice
  61. Looking for Advice
  62. 420W vs 430W
  63. Can I file IFR to...
  64. Approach Speeds
  65. Timing an Approach
  66. GPS and IFR
  67. Better suited to IFR?
  68. 430W Training?
  69. FAA Marching Toward More GPS-Only Approaches
  70. Help with IFR panel upgrade
  71. Old School IFR
  72. IFR flying
  73. IFR phraseology
  74. LDA/DME 25
  75. IFR low altitude charts on a laptop?
  76. Instrument rating journey begins
  77. Instrument Written scheduled for 6/3!
  78. Ask a controller... (in memory of Tony Kelly - tkatc)
  79. Instrument Rating Achieved 6/19
  80. Instrument Authorization for My RV??
  81. i spoke with a commercial pilot who..........
  82. Skipping an IAF on an approach
  83. approach checklist
  84. Can someone explain this?
  85. Instrument training with MGL panel, should/can it be done?
  86. My IFR journey is underway
  87. VFR pilot practicing IFR?
  88. IFR written
  89. inst. comp. check, waas only?
  90. Proficient, Current, Legal, on a budget
  91. ipad glitch
  92. handheld vor
  93. Flight Instrument Reliability
  94. Instrument instruction
  95. Odd ATC Request....
  96. Odd ATC Request...anyone else get this?
  97. West Texas Weather - Using Tools Wisely
  98. App idea for iPad...
  99. certified NAV source suggestions
  100. New Part 61 Certifcation Rule PP and IR Concurrently?
  101. Remove vsi or vacuum dg
  102. IFR alternate approach requirement
  103. How much study time for the IFR written exam?
  104. Clarification: IFR Currency Requirements
  105. What does a Garmin 430W give me?
  106. partial panel and backups?
  107. IFR training for the frugal
  108. IFR CheckRide
  109. FAA TV..... Climb VIA....New Phraseology.
  110. IFR flying
  111. IFR Training Courses - Sporty's or King?
  112. Secondary Nav Preferences: GPS or VOR/ILS?
  113. How did you accomplish IFR training: Gauges or Glass?
  114. Long "direct IFR" routes
  115. IFR in the flight levels with the RV's?
  116. Light IFR is a myth
  117. Instrument DPE needed for check ride in -10, in/near Utah
  118. iPad for atis info
  119. What did you pay for your last IFR Cert?
  120. FAA Instrument Flight Procedure Count
  121. Backup Gauge Decision
  122. Question On Log Book Entry: IFR Cert
  123. IMC experience
  124. VFR on top
  125. IFR Flight Planning with Garmin Pilot and the iPad
  126. How *I* Am Studying for the IFR Written
  127. Partial Panel Question: IFR checkride with multiple EFIS screens and tablet
  128. Winds Aloft
  129. PIC Aviation
  130. Student expectations, instructor expectations.
  131. Future-proofing for IFR
  132. Re: Practicing Automation and Buttonology
  133. Personal IFR limits?
  134. NORDO- What would you have done?
  135. IFR Training questions
  136. FAA cancelation of underutilized or redundant NDB and VOR approaches
  137. VFR on top
  138. IFR to VFR airport - Alternate Required!
  139. What has two thumbs and an instrument rating?
  140. Looking to switch from VFR to IFR
  141. Today's Front Page - IFR Enroute Symbol
  142. FAA Changes to IFR Requirements
  143. Why does Lockheed Martin change my departure time (and equipment suffix, and routing)
  144. "Frequency Protection" definition, pls
  145. IFR Questions?
  146. Wet ticket personal minima
  147. Victor airway labeled wrong in G-900X
  148. Anyone using Jepp Instrument approach charts?
  149. IFR training in your RV
  150. IFR checkride in an RV-8
  151. anti ice / de-ice
  152. IFR Practice Approaches
  153. Approach question for the experts
  154. Instrument approach speeds/configs for -8
  155. Enroute IFR on EFIS rather than 430W
  156. IFR training in an RV-7? I did it!
  157. GRT-IFR-GPS
  158. Minimum G3X IFR Config
  159. Non-Celluar iPad with external GPS for backup
  160. IFR Question
  161. IFR experience
  162. Stabilized IFR approach in a 6A
  163. IFR checkride!
  164. DME
  165. Chart question
  166. IACRA - How did you select your experimental
  167. Min IFR avonics RV-9
  168. Use of AP required
  169. ASA Instument online course
  170. RVs vs Spam Cans for IFR
  171. Pitot-Static check for IFR
  172. Instrument speeds help
  173. Maintaining IFR currency
  174. expanding personal minimums
  175. Reno ILS 16R
  176. Safety pilot for Instrument currency in RV8
  177. Correct terminology with ATC or Tower
  178. IFR ticket without NAV
  179. 430w, Dynon IFR Techique.
  180. GPS IFR required equipment
  181. Instrument Checkride
  182. Can someone tell me what this symbol/# on an IFR low chart is?
  183. IFR Safety Pilot. Carson City Area
  184. IFR without VHF?
  185. Filing for Local (actual) IFR Training question
  186. Flying ILS with GPS waypoints
  187. Type Designation ICAO IFR Flight Plan
  188. Interrupting, then Resuming an Approach
  189. IFR Logging Question
  190. Approach speeds
  191. IFR Shorthand …things that free up time for the scan
  192. Is WAAS Required
  193. Question for Americans
  194. Do I really need NAV, really?
  195. IPC conclusions
  196. exercise
  197. News from FAA on instrument ACS and IPC
  198. IFR checks
  199. Instrument rating - RV Style
  200. Poll: Any Reason to Install Marker Beacon Receiver/Antenna?