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What did you do with your RV this weekend (9/16-17/2023)

Sedona is a popular destination for most pilots flying cross country. Our KDVT group has KSEZ in our own backyard only 32 minutes away. We usually have one of every RV in attendance. This weekend an RV7A, RV14A and an RV8A


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On the menu

I am planning a day trip there once it cools down a little more.

Please pm me with any tips, otherwise I’ll just follow the airport’s info thats on line

I was in the FBO checking the latest repair projects and a nice C175 needed a jug. The owner agreed to have it repaired and said he was calling his wife to drive and get him. I offered a RV ride home to KSQI only 18 RV minutes away. The FBO manager said - - "you should take that offer". Whiteside is a nice airport with one new grooved runway and the other nearing completion. Lots of public projects going on around here.

Mike flew the whole way but was invited to do some maneuvering and slow flight making the flight almost twice planned time. It was a perfect day, fun flight and good conversation.
Next Time with my RV-9A


I enjoyed flying with you all and next time I will bring my RV-9A ! Too much fun with Hank and his son formation flying! As a new RV owner and pilot this is a great community! Thank you Jerry for the flight in your bird.

Put in some $6.60 per gallon gas and decided a short 1/2 hour flight maybe all the aviating I will do this weekend.
Newest RV-7 joining the clan

Passed the AWC inspection this morning and Penni has now transitioned from project to aircraft! First flight around the corner.

Flew the 2nd Phase 1 flight of my RV-9A. Slow flight, stalls followed by a number of landings in different scenarios and configuration. Super pleased with this plane. It’s kinda like running around in a sports car.


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Today was the annual Fall Brat-O-Rama at Steinair, KFBL. Dozens of RVs flying in all morning, hosted by Stein himself. All were invited but the whole show was most broadly represented by the Twin Cities RV Builders Group (Minnesota Wing of Van's Airforce). I had to weave around a series of low clouds til I got a few miles south of KBRD, then it was just the 5 mile visibility from Canada trying to set their country on fire. The weather was otherwise nice in that part of the state. Great people, great conversations.



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On the flight back from lunch at Chehalis today, 'ArlingtonRV' and I flew our two RV-8s over the Olympic Mountains to see the new wildfires we spotted on the way down. There are many fires and it doesn't appear they are being fought, probably since they are in the wilderness and not endangering any people or structures.

Looking NW with Mt. Olympus in the background:




Mt. Olympus in the clear. The fires are on the right edge of the photo:

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Left Fredericksburg, Tx. For Reno, overnight Prescott, Az. Overnight. Next morning to Beaty, Nv. for fuel. My friend had a very low tire on his RV6A main tire. Absolutely no services at Beaty. We fussed around with my tire pump, but his valve stem was bent and it wouldn’t work. Flew to Carson City without any issues. The FBO said they could get to it in 30 days. I had a spare tube and in a couple of hours it was fixed. Great weather, head wind all the way, but we are having fun. Last year for the races here and we have good friends and the RVs are working great. Headed home Tuesday with an overnight in Ruidoso.
It's sitting on the ramp at Reno international. Came out yesterday, headed home tomorrow after the final race.
Fun BBQ at Meadowlake (KFLY) gave me a reason to fly down on a beautiful day. Check out the snow from Friday's passing storms. Winter isn't far off in the high country...


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Weekend flight

I flew a friend and two of her daughters for their first flight in a homebuilt and their first in a light plane.
The youngest was at first a little antsy about it. About an hour after they got home, the mom texted me that the youngest "couldn't stop talking about the fun she had on the flight" :).........


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Friday started the weekend. Finally got the chance to do the Chicago Flyway south-to-north with great visibility and lighting. Stopped at Waukegon for fuel, then went to Aurora and met with some of the Gambit Aviation crew before heading home.

Flt of 3 in PA

This weekend before the storms rolled in, 3 of us met up for Breakfast at Blairstown NJ. Two RV8s and the a RV12. On the way back the two 8s were gracious enough to slow down for a flight of 2 then a flight of 3 for 30 min.

What a great weekend of flying.

30 min of flight edited down to 2 min




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New rubber for me

It's been 4 years and 240+ hours. Not sure how many landings. Wilkerson retreads with new Michelin air stop tubes. Decided on new tubes this time so I could have some "spares" around just in case.


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Weather in SoCal has been crummy this weekend. I wasn't sure that I was going to get any flying in, however I was able to enjoy a ceiling high enough to get a few landings in this morning. So, for me it was 13 minutes & 3 full stop landings.
I took a friend of a friend's grand-nephew for his first flight in my RV-6.

Connor, age 9 (almost 10).

He's been obsessed with airplanes for as long as his parents can remember. They've kitted out a PC with all the bits for MS Flight Sim, and he's been all over that like a beaver on wood for the last two and a half years. Knows what all the buttons and dials do, knows the difference between pitch mode and altitude hold mode on an autopilot.

I arranged to meet his family at Camden (YSCN) near Sydney. Connor, his brother, his parents, his grandmother, and his great grandmother. A minivan full of spectators! Good lord.

I gave him a safety briefing, helped him board and strap-in, and we launched.

With small kids it's easy for a little bit to be too much, and I'd rather leave him wanting more from a good experience than wanting no reminder of a bad one. We had a 20 minute flight around the Sydney area, returning to Camden from Wedderburn via Picton. Squeaked-on a gentle wheel landing and taxied back to the family.

I left him with an expired sectional as a memento (one of the pandemic era ones I never used), and a link to the flightradar24 trace of his flight. Explained to him that the deal is that he gets his flight for free, but he has to return the favor when he gets his pilot license. So I guess I'll get email in about six years :)

"After you left, Connor said today was the best day of his life." Can't get much better than that.

- mark


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Flew in the mountains of Colorado

Flew the RV4 from KFNL down to Salida (KANK) early Sat morning to perform in their airport day airshow. The weather was spectacular as were the views. First snow on the peaks, smooth air, and a fun time putting the Rv4 through its paces at 8500DA for a nice local small town crowd. Bonus..got to see fellow RV4 pilot and Renegade Hans M.
Was a fantastic day!
Enjoyed the (probably) last summer day in NL

Flew a triangle from the Netherlands into Germany and back to enjoy the (probably) last sunny summer day of the year. EHLE-EDWF-EDLS-EHLE


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RV-12 Build

We finished the right wing of the RV-12 we started building right after Oshkosh '23.

We are using this 12 project as a learning tool for my 16 Y.O. granddaughter, who started at the local H.S. A&P vo-tech program this year. It's like Teenflight with a class of one (or two, if my grandson decides to tag along).

Since I didn't start a "build" thread I've included some of the earlier photos here too.


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Short camping trip at Casey airport (Old military airstrip in a very remote area). Far from any light polution, we had an incredible nitgh to see the star !


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Smoke On @ Capital City Airshow

Smoke On Formation Team had a successful show this past Saturday at Capital City Airport (Frankfort Kentucky). We flew 2 shows with perfect weather and a great crowd.

Next weekend Madison Indiana Airshow.


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Wednesday I took our future son-in-law for his first GA flight. Colby enjoyed the flight and did not seem ready to rush out and get his pilot’s license. His selfie picture is mirrored, so it looks like he is in the left seat.

Friday night the RV-8 SS stayed in our hangar on the way to a fly-in at WV30.

Saturday morning we flew about 500nm in three hours to KGIF. Return to 04TN expected tomorrow.


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My 1 year old boy is really starting to dig the airplane and understand what’s going on. He makes engine noises when he sees it and climbs into his car seat, usually have to wrestle him into the car seat in the car.
Had my
4th Plane Power alternator failure in 670 hours. First was warranty with the stator, second regulator/brushes, 3rd B lead terminal broke and my fault. I didn’t have time to investigate yet.
Friday evening to Hensley, worked late with Dan Weyant chasing tank leaks, then got into his best scotch. Proseal in the AM, then off to West Virginia with Marvin and Sandy. Lunch at Greenbriar Valley (LWB), the over to Rainelle (WV30). Very cool airport, laid on out a ridgetop in the 1960's and now having a renaissance with the construction of some rather nice weekend "cabins". Out primary host was Bob Thomason (a new RV-14 builder in the process of full assimilation), but everyone there was terrific. Also socially easy for a dummy like me because with only two exceptions (Gary and Scott), all the regulars were named Bob.

Absolutely beautiful weather Saturday, with a nice fire pit for the cool of the evening. And then things went to ****. The plan was to fly out late Sunday morning, after passage of some forecast rain showers. Nope, see below. Fog and a lot of rain. All day. All night. All morning.

Not to worry. We had Scott's hangar for a retreat, and let's just say the intrepid Bob is now owed unlimited builder support.

I love the sport aviation community.

It takes a while to clear on a mountaintop. We finally got airborne again a bit after 1 PM on Monday. Had a lovely ride home. Wife, mom, and cat were all glad to see me. Life is good.

Triple Tree next weekend!


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Visited Wimpy

20230916_113814.jpg 20230916_114228.jpg 20230919_071837-2.jpg

Oregon Aviation Historical Society & Museum
Cottage Grove, OR

There was also an RV3 museum piece.

Oh, and on Thursday I went to my EAA 105 meeting in Hillsboro where Dick signed an RV3 building plans set I found at the STOL and swap meet in Independence last month.

Dick gave a slide presentation on his personal invitation to spend a day and night aboard an aircraft carrier seven years ago.

He brought home grown tomatoes for the burgers.
Flew to Reno Air Races

Took a buddy from Las Vegas up to Reno Stead and back.. sightseeing over what’s left from Burning Man, even took a high lap around the field upon departure.


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