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Show us a pic of your FINISHED RV-3!!!

To both Steve and Andre, you guys sure make pretty airplanes!

On Steve's, that's a very nice touch, having a red roll bar. It's a good use of that for a bit of brightness and decoration.

On Andre's, I especially like the clean way the aft end of the canopy blends into the fastback.

Both - quite nicely done!

Fair Dinkum

G'day Andre',
VERY nice FB-3!
Many years ago while flying my very early HR2, I met a Harmon Rocket ONE owner, John's first attempt at Rocket performance.
Only a handful were ever built. Prominent were the Fastback/IO-360A1B6 (220HP) modified wing and tail but an RV3 very much in line with yours.
Well done!

Harmon Rocket One

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The View...

It looks great, but I'm still partial to the slider. Nothing like taxiing with the canopy slid back.

Overheard at very loud volume in a briefing room next to mine in our F16 Squadron many years ago by a weapons school instructor speaking to a new guy...
"Dude, it's not about the canopy, it's about looking out of it!"
Concur & can you get the thing off if you have to exit? This from the F1 Rocket #3 guy.

Tangential topic...no a/c in a bubble canopy = very high thermal gain :-(

I think i will like gull wing doors on my GIII RG for that reason, not going 1v1 with anyone so comfort is king, not 360 visibility. Getting old sux.

owned this for a few months a few years back....great airplane built by the master



N66GB modifications complete

I purchased N66GB back in 2014 and have been working on it off and on since. She is one of the early "Bakersfield RV-3's" with racing history. She needed a new motor mount and gear legs to get flying, then came instruments, radio, ADS-b, spar upgrade (CN-1. CN-2) new windshield panel, 2 different cowl modifications, new prop and the list goes on. She is out of paint now, the IO-320 gets me just up to 200 kts on the right day and she is finally back to regular flying and violating sensible operational limits whenever possible!


Beautiful RV-3A! Finally got to fly one when I ferried my buddy Vernon?s RV-3. What a great ride!
Great looking rv3

That is a smart looking rv3. 200 knots is even more impressive. Tell us about your prop. What is your ground roll on takeoff and landing and what engine revs at 200 knots.

Steve Lenne

Whirlwind GA prop
New RV3 N852TX

Here are a couple of pictures of my newly completed RV3B.
Mel inspected it in Feb, 2019 and I now have a little over 45 hours on it.
Specifics are; ECI O-320 D1A (160 HP) MT constant speed prop, GRT EIS & EFIS w/AP, Garmin GTR200 and GTX327 with uAvionix Echo ADS-B.
I was pleasantly surprised when the weight came in at 832 lbs after paint.
It has the usual RV3 performance that I have read about and it climbs like crazy, so I am one happy guy!



I haven't really done any cross countries yet but am looking forward to venturing out soon. Now to figure out what the next project will be!
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Steve Formhals,

That has to be the greatest looking paint scheme on an RV-3 I have ever seen. Simple, clean and pleasant to the eye. It looks amazing, inside and out.

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blimey, those -3s are the sexiest aircraft alive. That is one aircraft I?d love to try out, just gimme the chance :D

Though I?m not a fan of military scheme applied to wannabes civilians, David?s 66GB is fantastic!
So is 852TX!

I?ll admit still being fully in love with my -6, but those little cheeky beasts sure are an exciting lot :cool:
Thanks for the comments!

As other RV3 pilots have said, it is a real blast to fly!
Especially the climb out.
Brings back fond memories of my first RV....an RV-3A with a throw over canopy. Still the best flying RV IMHO.

Thanks for sharing such a nice looking airplane!
Always wanted a -3B, thought about building one… ended up buying one.

Built in the UK by Ian Glenn and first flown in 2004, it was his second RV build and a masterpiece of metalwork. It's been perfectly cared-for by its last long-term owner for the last 12 years.

Powered by a 115hp O-235, it weighs 740lbs empty. To quote my friend who flew it home, "This is a hoot!"

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On the ramp yesterday. I am scheduled to fly it up and deliver it to the new owner in a week. I wouldn't have ever believed I would sell my dream airplane, an RV-3B with all my wanted upgrades. But I have a dream girl that insists on sharing my love of flight and wants to go on every adventure together. And I have a super RV-8. So no remorse here........(yet)

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Good choice!

Nothing better than having a dream girl that likes to fly..not too many of them out there. I am fortunate to have such a dream girl that I met while finishing my -4. She was the first passenger after the 40 hr. phase 1, and we had been engaged for a while at that time, so her immediate love of the RV made the wedding plans a no brainer... we got married in the -4 at 5280 feet above the airport in a 5 ship formation. Dream girl come true.
Family Photo

I adopted a new sibling for my beautiful (thanks Chuck!) RV-3. A Glasair 1RG.


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My personal rocket ship🤙🤙🤙


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Hi. As a former owner of this beautiful bird, i had to post.


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Thanks everyone. Thanks Al for sharing that beautiful picture of our 3. Hope you’re enjoying your 9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.



This is the second RV-3 I've owned, this one a RV-3B I built.
With the experience of the first, a 3A there were options I wanted to have-
slinging canopy, access door forward of the canopy old school wheel pants and
cowl. Steam gauges with the exception of the TC-6.
99 % done, well it will never be done, there will be changes and second thoughts.
Very nice

Congrats, it looks really neat and well built, nice attention to detail. The canopy attach points look very nice especially. Well done sir.