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Show us a pic of your FINISHED RV-3!!!

huge pic

Boy do I have a lot to learn about computers. It took me 45 min to get to the picture through imageshack and get it copied and sent. I thought I had it at 700 pix but guess I didn't. Sorry! Will try to do better next time.

[ed. No sweat, Steve! dr]
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Are they ever really finished?

First flight 8/8/07...


More info at www.rv-3.com
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Flying with bifocals??

"...Flying RV3 with Bifocals - I didn't need those when I started the project in 1991"

Alex, I think there are a great many of us who can relate to that great picture...sort of redefines "4 eyes" doesn't it? Nowadays there are some nice sunglasses with bifocal lenses in them already for about $100.

I do like the look however! After a certain age, one really doesn't care too much what somebody else might think about one's looks. Just ask my wife..
My RV-3

This is my RV-3 that I acquirred in 2005. It was built by Rexfor Peters. I am the third owner of the plane. It has 150hp 0-320. The photo was taken at the Millinocket Municipal Airport. The mountain in the background is Mt. Katahdin which is 1mi high and is the start/end of the Apalachain Trail.

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Just a question? Wonder if a similar effect could be done with a gloss black base & vinyl wrap with the flames? Similar to the wraps NASCAR uses.

Love the paint job.

Shannon Evans

That's a beautiful airplane!
Excellent work . . .

Dave Hirschman
RV-3 N2626Y
Frederick, MD
me too please!

That was a beautiful shot. If you have a high res shot I would love it as well.
Brian Wallis
brianpwallis at hotmail dot com
That's a great photo

I would love to be able to use that as my desktop background too. Please give us a high-res shot.

Oh my, that is Awesome. Okay, something to look forward to. Excuse me, I'm gonna go shoot some more rivets.... Deb
re: sweet plane, Mike

Hi Mike,

Hope you'll bring your RV-3S (what is the "S" for?) to the Ottawa area this summer for some of the fly-ins.

RV-3 First flight

On April 21, 2010 RV-3 N815PT took flight for the first time over the fields of Illinois. To be exact C16 Frasca Field in Urbana Illinois. Was a 20 minute flight made by owner/builder Perry Testory. Great little airplane. IO 320 160hp, Catto three bladed prop. It will join my RV-6 and Cassutt for a summer of fun flying.


It sure looks beautiful and makes me excited to see our project completed. Enjoy, and stay safe!

Even if I couldn't fly anymore I'd be happy just sitting in that plane making airplane noises.:D
Did not build this bad boy but it sure has been a gas flying it while building -8.



Aerosport IO320, Catto, Electroair, Grand Rapids EIS, TruTrak, D10A, LRI, Microair, Garmin 396, Infinity, Hooker. 110 TTSN.

Going on the block soon. $40K.

[email protected]
Flying pics of Dan Benua's RV-3B

Got a chance to do a little formation after the EAA 105 breakfast yesterday with Dan Benua and his newly completed RV-3B. Complete with smoke system and Advanced Flight Systems 5500 glass panel, this has got to be one of the nicest examples around... Since there is no "Drool" smiliey here I'll just use this one... :cool:


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Beautiful airplane!

Is that the stock canopy or Todd's?


It is a stock canopy.

And no pre-punch or QB anything in this baby. Hey, it wasn't that
hard (at least if you have some prior RV building experience :).
It seems like each one gets easier, even without the pre-punching.
Just like my previous RV's, it was totally worth the time and effort.

Thanks to Joe for taking the photos and helping me brush up on
my formation skills.
- Dan Benua
Had I known you got the prop back and on and where going to be doing this on Saturday I would have cancelled my beach trip.
Can't wait to do a little format'n.
Hello Joe...

Come on Joe get Van to put out a 3B pre punched kit. You can do it ...please!
Really... PLEASE!! :)

Oh yes... and with a counter balanced tail with an offset vertical.
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THE Best RV...

Very nice Dan!

Everyone remembers a first flight in any particular airplane. My first ever RV flight was a very early RV-3 and it's still the best flying and fun of all the RV's! Thanks for all your hard work!

Three "drilled" RV-types completed.

PS: The HR2 a very close second although by Van's definition, it's not an RV...:)
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