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Excellent European paint shop - aerostyll


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Just a quick shoutout for any of you European builders or owners that need a quality paint job. I took my RV-8 to this shop in the south of France https://www.aerostyll.com/en and am absolutely stunned with how nice it looks.

I've seen others say that they have a 15 foot paint job - well, this one is a 15mm paint job. Good quality, fair price, fast turnaround, professional comms, etc. They even helped arrange a temporary hangar for me while I waited for mine to become available. Great team.

Hello Mickey

I am glad to know that you reached that stage, and you plane looks beautiful!

Happy flights and landings!
Carlos Trigo

Thanks for the kind words, gents. Looking forward to some air-to-air photos with the Mont Blanc in the background! :D