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Default Make sure it is that side of the fitting...

Originally Posted by RV10Rob View Post
Thanks, Jon... what you described is exactly what I did. When I did it originally, one leaked, so I tightened it pressed on the pedals a bunch, with no problems. After I did the first engine start last weekend, though, I noticed a couple drops on the floor from both sides, so I was probably pushing harder.

I'll take them out and clean the threads, but will be looking to use something more "robust" on the threads this time.

I had the same thing and thought it was the pipe thread but it actually was the tubing/b-nut fitting. It is very hard to tell where the leak comes from as the fluid can run down and pool around the pipe thread making it look like it is the culprit.
Also, the master cylinders can leak a touch from the seal when you first start messing with them. I had a small leak on one cylinder but after a few pumps it cleared itself up.
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