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      Similar to Vic. I have a push-button start switch on my RV-7 Tipup. I installed a switch on the Sub-Panel labeled EFIS Power. In the ON...
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      I started by placing a small washer between the baffle and cylinder to allow cooling air to get into the lower fins. On my RV-7 that...
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      Rockyjs replied to the thread Shipping.
      I believe I read recently the $500 fee is for coordinating international shipments, though I might be wrong with everything going on...
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      Rockyjs replied to the thread RV-10 Front Seats.
      I ordered the Finish Kit 1/19/22. Made final payment 5/18/23. I'm lacking BAG 1522, CA SEAT ASSEMBLY-10. Identical to Jemer in post #15.
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      Rockyjs replied to the thread Robot vacuum for hangar..
      I have a 50 x 75 hangar that is a royal pain to clean. I thought about a Robo Vacuum but there is no way it would work. Too many...
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