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Originally Posted by hamblin10 View Post
I have to ask why I see so many RV-9/9A builds installing 360 engines when the recommended maximum is a 320? You still should not exceed Vne, and it adds weight and fuel burn. The only advantage I can see would be on climb performance if you live up in Leadville. Am I missing something. Would like to know as I plan out a -9A. Thanks!
I really thought hard about the 360; it is soooo tempting. but I put in the 320 because I wanted others to be safe. the 360 can fly real close to Vne and any push over during cruise risks exceeding Vne. For the conscientious pilot it is not a problem. But if my son or daughters were to fly my plane, or someone not as familiar, I am worried it would be a problem. Others have the need for the extra power, but i don't, so i didn't. The fuse is the same firewall forward as the RV7, so a 360 is not that hard to shoe horn in.
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