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Originally Posted by hpmicrowave View Post
If I remember correctly the Hudly Classic power supply cable has one of its internal USB wires connected I think to ground in a non standard way from a normal USB power cable and if the unit doesn't see this ground connection it will shut down (for no good reason). So I have mostly just used the original Hudly wiring for our G3x and Dynon installations with no issues. I will dig this up if anyone is interested.
Hello and thank you for your answer,
I therefore understand that if we do not have the original micro USB cable from HUDLY, we will not be able to supply the projector with 12V because it cuts off due to a mass problem.
Also,On a UTube video I saw a projector setting where you can adjust the power off time (Power off Delay), on my projector there is only Brighness and Warning in the menu, is the menu that I Have seen in video is specific to the Hudly Classic for car by OBD2 connection??
If you should have a technical solution for the mass problem on the micro USB cable, I would be delighted !! What I do not understand is that the projector perfectly transmits the image of EFIS GRT for 60 seconds, then cuts.
Thank you again for your answer. Click image for larger version

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