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To answer the OP's question in post #10, I'm not sure how similar the RV-r brake pedals are to the RV-7, but it is likely you need to do the "long bolt" mod that puts the brake pedals on a common axis, then also the "spring mod" which is described below to stop binding if you have any. Unfortunately the pictures have evaporated because the hosting site I was using has disappeared, but I'll dig some more up and repost them. I've run this mod now for about 200 landings and they work great and feel they way brakes should. I am with the other guys regarding run-in of new pads being unnecessary. So long as your disks are clean and you've made sure they adequately stop the aircraft, it is really a non issue.:

"After a recent post in another thread from someone asking about brake return spring mods, I thought I should finally update this thread with my brake modifications. I assembled my Matco master pistons with the springs recommended in this thread and there was only a barely perceptible increase in return force. I subsequently took some measurements of the spring force in the matco's, ran a few calcs, and came up with an alternative spring solution that will double the current spring force. The original spring upgrade was a maximum of 6lb in compression. This one is 30lb. I've tested them out over the past week during my taxi tests and they feel perfect, with no risk of dragging brake, even if your toes are naturally leaning on the pedals, but not too much force that they become an incomberance when you want the brakes. I also modified the collar sleeve arrangement so that even at full brake compression, there is no way that the spring can rub on the ram. The sliding collar is also a self lubricating polymer, which should help with longevity. Just make sure when you assemble things that the collar is low enough to just clear the top mounting tab, but not so low that you restrict compression of the ram. My aircraft is an RV-7, and I would absolutely recommend the long-bolt (single axis) mod to the brake pedal to eliminate binding, in addition to the spring upgrade. You'll also see in the photos some another mod I did to make some standoffs. These are just aluminum split collars and a piece of tubing cut into thirds, then riveted in place with some long AN470AD4 rivets (the collars are countersunk on the inside and I back riveted it against an appropriate diameter bolt shank). I've also stacked two more short pieces of the cut tubing in between to give myself a little further distance.
Anyway the McMaster Carr parts list is as follows.
Spring 9657K435
Lower nylon sleeve bearing: 6294K441
washers (for seating the lower nylon sleeve bearing) 90295A470
Top nylon sleeve bearing: 6389K625
Set screw shaft collar: 9946K13

For the standoffs:
Two piece collar: 6436K136
Aluminum tubing: 9056K79"

Hope this helps.

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