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  1. Independence Airpark, what a community!
  2. NW RV Fly-in
  3. Relocating to Portland - Hangars?
  4. EAA meeting tonight in Mulino
  5. Oregon International Airshow
  6. Northwest FlyFest 2007
  7. Portland Area Activities 9/8 & 9/9? Thing to See?
  8. Hangar needed Portland, OR
  9. Portland Area
  10. Ethanol coming Nov. 1!
  11. Ethanol to be permanent in ALL gas in OR
  12. Flooding in Vernonia, Oregon....
  13. Transitional training wanted: Grumman Tiger trike to RV-4
  14. Legal assistance in Oregon
  15. Wiring workshop Saturday, Jan. 19
  16. Fix for Oregon's Ethanol Requirement?
  17. Best Airport for RV Trip to Portland?
  18. Corvallis, OR
  19. Any RV-7 or RV-10 Builder in Beaverton, OR?
  20. Ashland, OR
  21. camping/overnight stop
  22. I'm coming to visit!
  23. Oregon prebuy inspection
  24. Mogas $2.00 No ethanol
  25. Need Hangar in PDX area
  26. Going to Portland & Want to Visit Vans
  27. Tillamook Air Museum (KTMK)
  28. 6A Prebuy in Oregon
  29. Saturday at Mt. Bachelor
  30. Long shot... need ride from Portland area to Sunriver
  31. Builder's Group mtg. at Lenhardt's
  32. Transition Training needed
  33. Kit planes to be taxed under new law
  34. Fly fishing
  35. Scappoose Saturday!
  36. Portland -> OSH
  37. Anyone in Oregon flying anywhere Saturday, Aug. 8?
  38. We're moving to Lenhardt! (7S9)
  39. FR (rent): Heated Hangar space on Lenhardt Airport (7S9), OR
  40. Prop balance
  41. Steel for Backriveting Plate
  42. Teen Flight on local TV
  43. Flying into Tigard/Tualitin area - recommendations?
  44. NW RV Fly In report
  45. Any RV-ators with hangar space in Pilot Butte, OR?
  46. hangar availability near Portland?
  47. Need Pre-buy for RV-9A in Bend/Sunriver
  48. Looking for Hanger and Room for rent near PDX area
  49. Visitors from Europe
  50. From Alaska to EUG for a few days, looking for a demo ride.
  51. New builder in Tigard
  52. Hangar for sale at 7S5 (Independence Airport, Oregon)
  53. RV-10 Wing Cradles
  54. I'm trying to find an A&P (or AI) with RV experience in northern Oregon
  55. Oregon Trip
  56. Corvallis Hangar space to share
  57. Any Corvallis Area Builders??
  58. Sightseeing in Portland, OR.
  59. Aurora hanger space?
  60. Ride from Bend to Burns
  61. Salem ground transportation
  62. Wanted - Prebuy inspection / annual
  63. Todd's Canopies - shared shipping?
  64. Semkit supplies in Portland area
  65. Project commiseration
  66. 5052-0 1/4 tubing for sale in Portland area
  67. RV-4 Partnership offered, Portland OR
  68. Best regional AP for Seattle region?
  69. Aurora (UAO) Hangar Space
  70. Corvallis Hangar space for Builder
  71. Best Airport To See Crater Lake
  72. RV-7 what is the proper way to do a wheel alinment?
  73. Looking for prebuy in Yreka CA
  74. Aerobatic training/BFR
  75. RV-6 or 7 space available at SPB
  76. Request for pic of Japanese dock that washed up in Newport
  77. Painters?
  78. KUAO FBO?
  79. Willamette Pinot trip
  80. Looking for a hangar spot in Portland area
  81. For Rent: Hangar in Portland, OR (KHIO)
  82. Desiccant Plugs needed
  83. Need to Borrow Terminal/Swaging Tool
  84. Possible airport closure
  85. Calling All Oregon Based RV Weekend Warriors
  86. N952J RV-7 in Oregon!
  87. Portland Area Tow Truck Referral
  88. EAA Project Tables Free to Good Home Tigard, Oregon
  89. Some Days we're spoiled
  90. New Kid on the Block
  91. Looking to partner in RV-6 in portland
  92. Any RVs in Redmond Oregon?
  93. Wing Stand Available
  94. Prebuy on RV-7A in OR
  95. Southern Oregon Formation Practise?
  96. EAA 105 Youth Flight Scholarships - Know any young future RV'ers?
  97. Where to live and fly near Wilsonville OR
  98. Oregon Painter recommendation?
  99. KHIO hangar
  100. looking to demo prop duplicator
  101. Snake River [ ****'s canyon]
  102. Nehalem (3S7)
  103. RV formation flight
  104. A day in Oregon: 6 airports, 4 meals, homecoming, 3 T shirts, 2 prizes
  105. Portland Troutdale hangar available for winter
  106. Condition Inspection Hillsboro area
  107. Hangar deal for a Van's RV at Salem KSLE
  108. Looking for a hangar in Central Oregon
  109. Need Pre Buy Inspection in Portland area
  110. Aspiring RV-14A builder, looking to connect with Portland area builders
  111. Any RV-10 under construction central oregon?
  112. New feature @ home of mothership
  113. #1 Source for Oregon NW fly-in events
  114. Need temporary project storage space near Salem
  115. Mother Ship's KUAO Tower
  116. Engine pre-buy request near Canby, OR
  117. Flying to the Mothership on Tuesday.....
  118. Wanted: Wing stand (OR/WA)
  119. Looking for a local wing cradle(s)
  120. What else to do in OR and WA state?
  121. Oregon experience
  122. Rent two safety chutes near Portland?
  123. Looking for a ride -- S21 to Portland area
  124. Visiting the Mothership to test fly an RV-14
  125. Portland Powder Coating
  126. 3/4" Tube Bender
  128. Pre-buy inspection in Portland
  129. Visiting Oregon
  130. Info on KEUG? - Flying to pick up daughter
  131. Help storing my daughters car in Eugene wide area?
  132. Medford, OR KMFR?
  133. Appraisal needed in Oregon
  134. Post Buy Inspection - Wanted Expert Vans RV A&P (Portland Metro)
  135. Oregon International Airshow! (Hillsboro, Oregon)
  136. Synergy Air Fly-In September 30
  137. Pendleton OR
  138. S. Oregon- 9A builder needing DAR and other builders
  139. Flying to Eugene Oregon
  140. maybe moving to Corvallis, Albany, McMiniville
  141. OR or bust
  142. Oregon beach runways
  143. DAR Brown
  144. Hangar Wanted
  145. RVs@KMMV?
  146. Regular VFR Transponder check
  147. Visit to Oregon
  148. RV build groups in Oregon?
  149. Mc Kenzie Bridge Airport (00S)
  150. CFI at Twin Oaks....???
  151. Willamette Aviation or Lynx at UAO for a quick turn?
  152. Right angle drill attachment in Portland area
  153. Seeking advice on places to see, airports to visit in Oregon
  154. Airpark Living
  155. Short term Hanger space in Klamath Falls needed
  156. Free Rivet Smasher
  157. Hangar space at Ashland or Medford
  158. Enclosed T Hangars for Rent Short Term or Month to Month
  159. Prebuy in Portland Area
  160. Prebuy in Oregon
  161. Aluminum in Oregon?
  162. Show and tell near Portland?
  163. Eugene tips
  164. Siletz Bay S45 - PIREPS?
  165. Up for a visit?
  166. BBQ at Pearson
  167. Seaside OR Airport Fly-in (56S) September 18 2021
  168. EAA 292 Fly-In, STOL Expo and Van's Homecoming
  169. Medford, OR (KMFR) passenger pick up
  170. Pre-buy inspection Oregon
  171. Fun Oregon Destinations
  172. Fun Oregon Destinations