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What do I do with F704C?


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Do I cut into the F704C to accommodate this hole? Cause now it’s not round and would not fit a bushing.

Drawing 11 in my plans has a text block that says: "Enlarge hole to 5/8 and install a SB625-7 snap bushing (trim the outboard edge of the snap bushing to remove interference with F-704C, or install back to front)"... but with the amount of overlap you have, it's hard to see how you'd make that work.

My bushing holes have some overlap but not quite as bad as yours:


By the way, these same bushings may also bite you when you go to install the wings. I used the provided holes and was surprised to find that the inboard edge of the W-706A spar web came very close to my wiring bundle. Lacking better options, I put a piece of split fuel hose over the spar web to prevent chafing:


Both these problems would be avoided if the bushings were located a couple inches inboard, but of course the troublesome holes are already there when you open the crate!

Worst case, you could abandon these holes (or use smaller bushings) and add additional holes elsewhere, which you'll probably have to do anyway if you have more than the absolute minimum amount of avionics and lighting: https://www.vansaircraft.com/wp-con...ires_through_the_Center_Section_Bulkheads.pdf
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Good reply thanks. I did in fact make 3/4 holes in another section. Maybe I’ll just not use these holes at all. Weird engineering at work here.