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VP-200 / VP200 Components and misc panel upgrade components


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VP-200 Switch Panel (have two) $450.00 ea or best offer

VP-200 Control Unit (have three functioning CU’s) $1,000.00 ea or best offer

VP-200 Display Unit (only one left) $1,500.00 ea or best offer

VP-200 Remote Control (have two) $50.00 ea or best offer

Garmin GI 106A (operational when removed) $1,200.00

Dynon SV-AP-Panel -H (horizontal Recently Overhauled) $400.00

Dynon-ARINC-429 (operational when removed) $250.00. SOLD

TRUTRAK GEMINI ADI (operational when removed) $250.00 or best offer. SOLD

TRUTRAK ADI BB12V (operational when removed) $50.00 or best offer SOLD

Note: VP 200 components have most of the connectors
Postage not included

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