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Transponder connection vibrated loose


I was flying today, and my Transponder (Dynon) went offline. When I got on the ground, I found that the 25 pin d-sub connector "XPDNR" had come disconnected (42CIS/U-02-Step 9). I reinserted the connector and snugged the screwed on the 25 pin, but concerned it might vibrate loose again. It is mounted on the inside of the firewall, and probably picking up vibratoins from the engine mounts. The airplane has about 90 hours on it. Should I apply any loctite or is there a better method to prevent this from coming loose?

Thanks in Advance,

Harry Burnette
Good Idea

Can you use a ziptie on it??

I'm in the process of installing my avionics kit..I'm not even done yet, and with 2 different connectors, one of the long connection screws will seat properly, and the other feel like it is "stripped" and will not tighten up. I've done nothing to abuse the connectors..frankly, I'm just not sure the connectors are of the highest quality... (what is these days..?) . The plastic seems a little "cheap" to me, but I don't know why they won't tighten...

Anyway, I have decided to secure every connector with a ziptie if possible...but I am a little afraid of locktite in this application. Maybe I'm just afraid I will never get it loose, or the screw will break inside one of those 25/37 pin connectors and create an "expensive to fix" problem. Perhaps Stein would have some advice.
Based on my experience with RV-12’s and D-sub connectors in general, it would be my guess that it was never fully tightened or maybe not at all.
I've never had one vibrate loose.. and in nearly all cases, I have to fight with it to get it to unscrew