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Tips for changing the rubber hoses in an RV12


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Some months ago I started changing the rubber hoses.
I changed some of them, but it was so time consuming that I decided to pospone the rest of the hoses
I wonder if someone can share some tips that make the
change not so painful for me
Jose del Peso
Jose---which rubber hoses are you referring to? The coolant hoses?
The original oil hoses were teflon, and depending on the year of the plane, some of the fuel hoses were also teflon.

Use this tool and remove / changeout one hose at a time. Measure old hose and cut new hose to length. Take photos to verify hose routing. You can reuse clamps. Not a hard job....


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I’m a year and a half away from having to do this dreaded job for the first time, so I’m asking you guys that have been through it if you had to completely remove the expansion tank to replace the rubber pad under the tank? It’s the one item for which Rotax does not have a silicone replacement (for the iS at least), so if we’re following their guidelines, it will still be an every five year job. Anyway, does the tank have to be completely removed, and has anyone found a silicone replacement?
The tool that Jim shows is excellent for the constant tension clamps that should be use with silicone hose. HPS, Pegasus, and a few others has pre-bent hose, with longer than needed legs. Cut to fit, and youre in business.