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Teen Aircraft Factory


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(Matt Hood) On a recent visit to SRQ with the CAF, I met Gary Stevens and Ute Kegel. They were very excited to share Teen Aircraft Factory with me. The more I learned, the more I became excited, too. Here is a quick rundown.

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Yep - its exciting to see the next generation getting interested in aviation and the skills they learn in these workshops gives them a good baseline for life.

How many of these projects are underway around the world... anyone have any idea? I hazard a guess of at least 20 similar RV-12 projects underway with students.

Here's our latest update.


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There is one at the Boulder High School and another at Longmont, both in Colorado. I hear rumors of at least one more in the general area, but have no information about it.

I am one of the mentors at the Boulder one. The afternoon students have finished the anti-servo tabs and the vertical stabilizer, and as soon as we can replace a lost part, the rudder can be finished. They are working on the stabilator and about to start the tailcone. They have two teams in the afternoon and another, working on the wings, in the morning. They have completed the front spars and are working on the rear spar and stub spars.

When I left the Longmont group, they had the wings nearly done and the tail and tailcone complete.

Teen flight Hillsboro

As a mentor with Teen Flight in Hillsboro OR, I commend your efforts. I believe we were the first group building an RV12, starting in 2009.
We are now on plane #8.
There is a great video of our program produced by Samantha Swindler of The Oregonian.
As is said on the video, we may look like we are building a plane but we are really building young adults…..

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