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Tag along kit order


I need to rebuild my HS and thus have to reorder the long and hard to ship parts. I'd like to see if someone near me is going to be receiving an emp or wing kit anytime soon, perhaps I could tag along on your shipping? Because of the HS-1002 & HS-1003 spars, Vans says the shipping would result in crating and freight, and thus basically close to the same as shipping an entire kit.

I live in SC, so anyone in the Southeast would likely work.

Truly appreciate anyone willing to help out.
I am just north of Jacksonville, FL (in between Jax and Brunswick) and have a fuselage kit scheduled for crating in December. If it is possible to fit the spars in the fuselage crate you're more than welcome to piggyback on the shipping.
I have an empennage kit projected for crating in late July / August and am located at X26. If that will help.