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structural blind rivets for 3/32 dimple


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Is there a type of structurally-sound blind rivets that will fit into a #40 dimple? They would have to be long enough to replace AN426 3-7 rivets. It's for the aft corners of the upper forward fuselage skin, where I absolutely cannot get a bucking bar up under the canopy deck.
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slide a thin piece of steel between the skin and angle

the heavy aluminum angle can act as the bucking bar mass... i slipped a thin piece of steel between the skin and the angle to drive the tail into. not ideal but you can drive a -3 rivet and get the aluminum flowing pretty easily. for the steel i took a heavy razor blade, shaped it a bit and put a bend on the end and picked a rivet that stood proud to start driving... worked fine.
cherry rivet number

CR3214-4- is a 1/8" rivet with a 1097 (3/32" flush) head. Send me a PM and if I have them I'll drop a few in the mail. Grip length is "maximum" as in -4 is up to 1/4" from any thing over 3/16"

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Thanks! Do these require a special puller to pull, or will a regular blind rivet puller work?

I ended-up trimming the bottom flange of the canopy deck back to make room for my tungsten bucking bar. But good to know about these Cherry rivets in case I can't get all the rest of them along that row, around the sub-panel.
We stock them in packages of 10, and 100

Anybody know where the CR3214-4- rivets can be purchased? I cannot find them on Spruce.

We stock them in packages of 10, and 100 ,in our site search CR3214-4

I see your from Canada, the total cost to get them to you would be less if you have a US shipping address.

You could order on the webstore, there is a handling fee for Canadian orders less than $100. So if you see anything else you need that will help a bit.

If you want to e-mail our international sales person, the address is

mailto :[email protected]

I used these in several areal while building my 6.

I hope this helps you solve your problem.
Thanks for the promotion.

You can buy them at General Aviation Hardware Company. See http://www.gen-aircraft-hardware.com/

Small packages are available; suggest you give them a call.

They've also got a free offer this month for their excellent reference book/catalog. See http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=51336 for the offer codes


Mike, Thanks for the promotion.

There is a common misnomer out there, we are GENUINE, someone else is General.

I really appreciate your beating me to the response by just minutes and did a wonderful job promoting our company and products.

Its all part of "Helping Aviation Stay Together"
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