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Photos of Paint Job

After receiving a few requests to post photos post paint job but not sure where to post them. I have been busy getting ADS-B Out working, getting Garmin firmware and databases updated and lastly been FLYING! I finally got around to taking some photos this morning.

One photo shows the N-number I will be changing to whenever the FAA gets around to processing the change of ownership that was sent to them almost two months ago now. The rest have the current registration number in vinyl covering the painted numbers.





Finished from KTZV.jpg
Looks good, Jay! I like the colors!

Thank you! I knew I wanted the blue and white but the accent color was up in the air - something bright, was leaning toward a shade of orange until the last minute then switched to the chartreuse.

Very nicely done! I like it! What does she weigh now with that fancy plummage?

Haven't done the new weight & balance yet as I have wheel fairings/pants on order and am waiting until everything is on before doing it.
Gear down - interior trial fit - starting on engine next.

Got all three wheels on and moved the plane off the build table onto the floor. Did a trial fit of the interior just to see what it will look like. Firewall is ready to start the engine work so I have to figure out how to get it un-crated and moved without a hoist.


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Woo Hoo Engine Mounted

Got the last official bag of parts which included the bolts I needed to mount the engine. Now on to the electrical and avionics. Just one last part for the right gear leg!


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The wing kit shows up Tuesday, hopefully…Ordered it in January?


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End of the section 29 and end of the fuselage kit seems like a good reason to post for the first time in this thread. Excited to get started on installing controls and getting through the finish kit!


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Now that's what I've been waiting on.

Today was Dynon day. Installed most of the components and am really pleased with the way it looks. Tomorrow I will tackle the ADAHRS. Then on to the rest of the engine installation.


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Wing kit arrived!

Perfect condition…


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Powered up for the first time today. No smoke or flames and everything worked! Yea!


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Waiting on my empennage kit. Maybe around March I will have something to show.


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Out of the nest and to the hangar!

Started the build just a little over a year ago and today we moved to the hangar where we'll do the final assembly.


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progress on the wings

Not quite the latest picture, but you get the idea...



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Currently in Production acceptance testing. Started the engine first time yesterday April 08, 2023. A couple things left to get ready for the DAR on Friday the 14th.


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After 9 months, 9 days, from flat metal to becoming an aircraft. It's Airworthiness inspection day!


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Congrats Ray and Dan!

For other RV-12 builders, they have excellent documentation on the EAA's builder website.
Thanks Mike.
It looks like you live just up the hill from me (KLHM). I’ll have to fly up there one day. Do you live in the air park?
This is my RV12iS almost ready to star testing systems integration. Putting the plane together has been fun... I am surprised I never used this forum


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My wife is happy to see the winter build project no longer blocking the path through the garage. I’m always impressed with what you can carry in a minivan.

Anxiously awaiting the Finnish kit now.


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Congratulations David, I love the great job you did with the primer in the process of assembly. Let me share a couple of pictures of my plane as of this past weekendIMG_6458.JPG20240309_121507.jpg
I'm almost done. Working on the tailcone fairing which fits fine but this method of drilling holes to attach to the tailcone is whacked. After this, I'll probably do the radiator service bulletin while waiting for the summer heat to finish the work on the canopy I started last year. Then, just put everything together and decide whether 8 years on the ground is too much to go back flying.

Overly wordy and detailed builders log here.PXL_20240329_184113238.jpg