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Show us a pic of your RV-4 !!!

Rehosted and resized photo so we can see Bruce's pretty airplane here

Ed the fed's 4

This is Ed Coudon's rv-4!





Ed is an FAA aviation safety inspector with, I believe, over 10,000 hrs, 3,000 of which is tail-wheel time. His 4 has an o-360 with a sensenich fixed pitch and steam gauges. I have met quite a few RV'rs in my area now including one fellow who bought an rv-6 for $1!!! :cool:
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Backcountry Bandit...

Here is The Bandit in Idaho at Strip-X in 2005, it's 9th birthday...

RV4, HR2

Here are a few pictures of my RV-4:)

Thanks for the pictures...Bruno

Bruno Dionne

P.S: How can I have the pictures displayed vs the URLs?? - Done: compliments of one of Doug's friendly moderators :), Nice Plane Bruno :D.
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This shot was taken the day I picked the airplane up from the paint shop (Morgan Aircraft, Arlington, WA.).
I managed to cram about five years of building into FIFTEEN YEARS (!)...but, she flies great. N889SC has
a Lyc IO-320 swinging a 72" cs Hartzell prop. Based at Paine Field, WA., the airplane has been flying for
about two years now.


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Landing at the N Coates Icicle Fly-in. 3rd Jan '09.

A kind photographer, freezing his butt off, gave me these pictures of my arrival at the N Coates fly-in. I hope they give someone enthusiasm to keep hitting those rivets and threading the wires.

Happy New Year!



PS Apologies for not knowing how to make them a little smaller so they better fit the screen.
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Hi Steve, good pics showing the larger tires you're using don't really detract in the aethetics dept. I followed yours and Smokey's lead and put a set of 380 retreads on my Rocket. They were only $65/ea from Wilkerson.
A bit Tired...


Had the distinct honor of being the first landing at my friend "BW's" new airstrip "Bent Willy's". It is roughly 1800' long with a bend in the middle with new turf. Big tires handled the soft ground with no worries. Have found over the last year that 40 PSI seems to work the best overall. Absolute home run.

Gotta love a great idea..


PS: G-IKON is looking great Steve!
I know there is been a lot of discussion about painting the spinner 1/3 dark and 2/3s light and/or with colors to improve your visibility to birds. Well, in lower Alabama around Fort Rucker we have an over population of the mechanical (helicopters) and biological (buzzards) birds. I painted my spinner and the bottom of the aircraft sorta like the Thunderbirds to improve visibility about 9 months ago. For the biological birds, they evidently haven't read the NOTAMs about the spinners since I haven't noticed any difference in their behavior. For the mechanical ones, approach control seems to be the better solution. Here's a picture of my bird (I hope). http://i614.photobucket.com/albums/tt228/willymac104/RV-4_taxi_07_ver_b.jpg
This is my RV-4. Take a close look at the last pic, it was my first and last visit to Berlin's famous Tempelhof Airport. They closed it last fall for some a******'s intrests. History by now, but Andrea, me and the RV have been there. It's a shame to close that airport, that made Berlin survive during the Berlin blockade.

Together with the famous Messerschmitt BF 108 (designed 1934...) at my homestrip EDVU in Northern Germany:


Tempelhof farewell visit 2008:

Cheers, Dirk
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This is my -4, flying since last July. Based in Ogden, UT. (OGD). The paint is about a week old in this pic.
I couldn't find a way to post the pics directly to the link. Any advice?
This is my -4. Finally figured out how to post a pic. Been flying almost 1 year to the day. O-320 150h.p., Sterba Prop. Todd's Canopy.
DIY airplane flies!!

Hi Guys,
My RV-4 EI-DIY 160hp, injected, inverted, all electric,all singing,all dancing, etc finally flew yesterday evening about 16 years after I drilled the first hole.
Sure was worth it! Boy, is she fast!


There is a short clip of her first flight at:

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4CVKHf9lUU >

this has a link to photobucket where there is a longer, more interesting clip.

You can also get there from:

< http://www.flyinginirelandmagazine.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=30007#30007 > .

John Kent RV-4 #3254 EI-DIY FLYING!!!!!
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First Flight

Congrats John....you and I emailed back and forth a few years ago when I sold you a strobe power pack I think, on ebay. Glad to see you flying....

Joe Hine
Fredericton, N.B
Now if that doesnt make into a calendar collection, somebody aint paying attention.
Totally gorgeous photo.

On the way home to Las Cruces.

I'm looking for something a bit peppier than the 170 to fly during my build, so I drooled over that RV-4 the whole time it was in the classifieds. I almost had a buddy in Louisiana go check it out for me. But alas, I need to liquidate the 170 first.

Looks like a stealth B2 cloud overhead!


This is the same cloud shown in the RV-4 photo, a few minutes later

ACSL, Alto Cumulus Standing Lenticular, Lennie, Pagoda Cloud, flying saucer, all the same thing. Beautiful, and I take pictures of them every time I see them. This is the cloud that indicates the phenomena that will let unpowered aircraft reach 90,000 feet? http://www.perlanproject.com/
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Finally Painted

My 4 as it rolled out of GLO Custom Painting. I couldn't be happier!




Just out of GLO @ 52f...

My "new to me" RV4, painted in my dad's markings, P-47N, 413th fighter group, 21st fighter squadron.
The X....

After 10 years I finally finished my "RVX" project! This is a hybrid my friend Arvil and I built from church donated RV4 wings and tail and a 6A fuselage converted to "standard" configuration. I also used RV4 gear legs, 380X150X5 tires, airboat racing 0-320, MT fixed pitch and kept it light. 945 lbs and it flies like a RV3! It's lighter in pitch and roll than my HR2 and reminds me of my RV4 I finished back in 97, FUN! I borrowed the paint scheme from an MAF Kodiak and it was expertly prepared and painted by my friends Ronnie and Tim in a backyard booth!

Rob "Smokey" Ray

Double-click on the photo again after it opens.

PS: Woo Hoo!
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Award winning RV4 VH - BXN
Powered by IO 320 160hp constant speed prop
TAS at 8500 ft 172 kts
A true pleasure to fly!

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