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RV Heaven in Southern England

Mark Albery

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Just back from a fantastic day's RV'ating in Southern England.

Today was the Royal Aero Club's City Livery Trophy races at Compton Abbas; an almost perfect grass airfield set high amongst rolling downland. Four RVs were amongst the lineup for the handicap races. First two to cross the line were Richard Marsden in G-TNGO and Gerry Humphreys in EI-HUM, the infamous "flying cow", both RV-6s. Close behind were John Kelsall in his RV-8 G-KELZ and Nigel Reddish in G-SEVN.

Next on the agenda was an RV fly-in at Popham in Hampshire - another favourite grass-roots airfield a short hop away in Hampshire. Must have been at least 30 RVs there and plenty of others too. A perfect day of RVs with freinds old and new - hard to beat.

A few pics:



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As an expat Brit who gained his PPL at the Coventry Aeroplane Club I'd love to see the pictures but the links are broken. Hope to can fix them.
Jim Sharkey
RV6 - Finishing Up
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Know it well. I did instrument training there many years ago with Wes Simpson and Ernie Ball and worked for a while round the corner at the Middlemarch.

The rest of the pictures are at http://s157.photobucket.com/albums/t50/alberym/Compton Abbas Popham 2008/ if you're interested.

I flew many times with Wes and did my check ride with John Hill who unfortunately passed away quite a few years ago. Also familiar with back tracking the Charlie Tango NDB (boom biddy boom biddy - boom) for a non precision approach to 23 when I did my IMC rating - that could make you sweat. I still drop by the new club house when I'm in the UK. When I left for the states the club house was in an old WW2 Nissen Hut on the west side of the field.
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great pictures ...

Your first picture of the red plane taken from above is my new desktop wallpaper! "Flying Cow", great name and graphics.:)
Flying Cow

Haven't posted for quite some time. Just had to comment. The "Flying Cow" could be mistaken for an advertisement for Gateway Computers! Watch out for a "copywrite infringement" lawsuit!!
relatively above?

... red plane taken from above ...

I like the picture too. But I think from 'above' is relative... Blue sky in the background, passenger's head really tilted to the right, shadow on the left wing, all the other pics from a feet on the ground perspective... I think the pilot of the red plane was in a 'bit' of a bank. Looks like a lot of fun.

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Yes, the picture of "Tango" (G-TNGO) was taken from below!

I guess the significance of "Tango" isn't obvious to our American cousins.
It's to do with an orange drink, that had an advertising campaign over here a while back with the punch line "You've been tango'd". In this case Gerry in the "flying cow" was well-and-truly Tango'd into 2nd place.