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RV-8 Wiring through front seat back support


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I have a Garmin 796 that I want to mount on the support for the person in the back seat.

To keep wiring tidy, I was thinking of routing the power and ground wires through the support.

Has anyone run wiring this way before?

Might as well ask if there would be a better EFIS choice?
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I have not run wires in this cross support. I have a camera back there and just run the power wire along the brace - works well, and does not look too funky.

About the EFIS in the back - depends greatly on your use case.

My girls just sleep or use their tablet or phone and don't want to see any aviation stuff when they are in the back. I considered a RAM mount for them and they were like "nah, I prefer to hold the ipad at different angles, due to glare." YMMV, but I wouldn't spend a lot of time doing this, unless you really know the GIB will actually use it.

Some use cases for having a fixed EFIS in the back would be if you are providing flight training, like Bruce B does, for example. Or if you plan to fly a lot from the back seat.