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RV-3B Flap Trimming Question


VAF Moderator / Line Boy
This question is for anyone who happens to have access to a -3B flap that has already been trimmed on the inboard end to fit a fuselage....

As with most all of the QB flaps, they leave the skin very long on the inboard end so that it can be trimmed to meet the fuselage. I want to do a rough trim of a couple inches in order to get me better access to rivet on the flap actuator reinforcing plate and mount - just to take off the excess, not to try and do a finished trim (the fuselage does not yet exist). i was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a rough estimate of how much skin is left beyond the inboard flap rib? The lower surface measurement is fine - it will be longer than the top.

Perfect Tony - just what I needed! (I do intend to use the -8 fairing - worked for me befoe...;) )