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RV-3 Horizontal Stab Removal


I'm a victim of the recent cracked spar SB, working with a mechanic we are curious how difficult the removal of the horizontal stab would be for repairs? I need to split skins on both side and doing so on the bench is much easier.

Do we need to remove the vertical stab first? Hopefully not, mine is riveted into place, and would require a significant amount of work. Measurements show it won't likely work to slide it out between the vertical and the fuselage, but maybe at the right angle?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Has anyone done this before?
If it won't slide out laterally, you'll need to remove the vertical stabilizer. I htink my plans show the vertical stabilizer bolted in, not riveted in, so if yours is riveted in, better do as Warren suggested and get a copy of the plans, one way or another. Note that the available plans are for the B version and it's possible the earlier version was somehow different.

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Vert stab riveted in place? Definitely not according to plans. Or are you talking about the tail fairing?

Don't see how you can remove horz stab without removing the vert stab first. Vert stab front is normally bolted to the the front spar of the horz stab with two bolts, and to the second rearmost fuselage bulkhead (including the tail spring forward mount). Looking at the drawings one might think that you could slide the horz stab out sideways, but the skins are likely going to prevent that.

Removing the vert stab is not really a big deal.

On my RV3b, I too am having to replace the aft spar on the HS and planning as well to remove the HS for repair. I was just sizing up this project yesterday and appears six bolts attach the vertical stab and six fastening the HS.
Intially I too thought that the VS was riveted to the airframe at the aft spar, but on closer inspection and some head scratching, concluded the aft spar was riveted to a flat mounting plate that was then bolted to the airframe.
I would try removing the nuts/bolts fastening the VS to the airframe, before drilling any rivets...
Removing the manual trim cable may be the least fun part of removing the HS. I'm holding off taking anything apart until the 'pending' status of my SB00036-kit3 has been shipped.
Has anyone received the SB00036-kit3 from Vans yet?
Yep! Richard is correct, I've pulled the vertical by removing 5 bolts holding it into place. When looking externally it looks riveted into place, but it's not.

Thanks folks!
SB-00036kit3 expected ship date

The nice lady at Vans responded to my query when the SB-00036kit3 doubler/hinge kit for the RV3 would be shipping. The response was, 'early to mid April (hopefully earlier)'.
Anyone know what's in that doubler/ hinge kit? These -3's are all very much scratch-built. How hard can it be to fab a doubler ourselves, rather than having to wait several months??
SB Kit for the RV-3

(0.01) AN426AD3-4 view
(2) AS3-040X5X12 view
(1) DOC SB-00036
(2) HS-00316
(2) HS-00718B
(16) RIVET CR3213-4-3 view
(16) RIVET CR3213-4-4 view
(2) SS4130-063X3X9

From Van's store. Looks like the HS-00316 and HS-00718B are the only special parts, and the store didn't list either of these separately.