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RV-12iS Canopy Install without Handle.

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Install Canopy without Handle?

Hi all,

I’m progressing faster than parts I have and my WD-01218-1 canopy handle is on backorder. I’ve read through the canopy instructions but would like to know from previous builders if you think I could install the canopy and fiberglass the front fairing without the handle installed? Can I make the adjustments to the latching position after I’ve riveted, screwed, and fiberglassed everything? Appears the hole for the handle is already pre drilled in my canopy as well so I’m not seeing an issue there.

Update: Just realized my canopy attach angles are also missing :eek: So I guess I really can’t fiberglass the front fairing since the attach angles are also on back order… shoot. Out of my whole finish kit, I’ve only had parts to install and finish the rudder pedals. Guess I’ll continue waiting on my gear, wheels, engine mount, canopy parts, and access panels. :rolleyes:

Thank you,
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