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RV-10 N24YM's new paint job


Custom RV painting by Fulltron
N24YM just left Fulltron's paint shop. A set of polished aluminum engraved wheel chocks are part of a Fulltron RV paint job. It's our way of saying thank you for your business.


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Nice touch

Nice touch, those wheel chokes and some smart advertising.
Sharp looking paint job on a great plane.
It will be an attention grabber.
Nice paint job! What is the thing below the rear tie-down ring? I'm guessing it's to prevent damage to the rudder if the plane rears back while on the ground. If so, is there a vendor that sells that sucker or did you make it yourself?
We think that this would be used to protect tail

Fulltron's customer was not the builder of this RV-10, so the owner didn't know for sure. But from what it appeared to us is that this little piece of metal, which was secured to RV-10's tail with the tie-down ring, was to protect the tail of the aircraft from any tail strikes. As a builder of two RV's myself, I think it was a great idea. My RV-14 was designed with a tail protection, aka tailwheel. IF I was building a tricycle plane I would definitely add one of these. It appeared that it would be easy to add to any RV that has a tie-down ring on the tail.