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RV-10 Flap Gap Seal Rivets QB


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Working on the flap gap seals. Most of the recommended solid rivets to join this to the spar cannot be bucked because the QB has both inner skins already installed. The manual lists no alternative blind rivets for this operation. What have others used here? Also, can't tell if the flange for the W1021B gap seal stiffeners goes inboard or outboard from the exploded view?
I did a search to try and find the answer to this question but it wasn't answered. I can't tell from the diagram which way the stiffener for the flap gap seal faces. Anyone remember what they did?

Ok for pops

Pop rivets should be ok here. Use the LP4-3 or mds-42/43 and you should be fine.


I have the QB wings and was able to buck all but about 6 rivets on either side. Used pop rivets for the remainder. Oh, some were best reached by my 12 year old son...:D
I asked the same thing of vans a while back and here is the response.

Q:page: 20-4 Step 6

I've got quickbuild wings and the access for the inboard most AN470AD4 rivets of the flap gap fairing W-1021 (under the wingwalk ribs) is difficult due to the W-1004 bottom skin installed.

CORRECTION: The first 6 rivets on the fairing are actually AN426AD4 rivets (flush), but the remainder are AN470AD4 (button head).

Sterling had the following response:
A:The rivets that you will want to use for the flap gap fairing on a QB is the MSP-42.
The inboard most 6 rivets at the rear spar doubler you will need to use CR3212-4 of the appropriate length.
You guys are quick, thanks so much for the responses!!! Any Idea of the orientation of the small stiffer that gets mounted to the inboard side of the flap gap seal itself? Its hard to tell if the flange faces inboard or if it faces outboard. The more I look at the diagram the more times I change my mind of the orientation.

I've got mine mounted flush to the inboard chord line. Looking back at the picture, that's how I see it.