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RV 10 build tips and gotchas

Mike S

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Starting a thread as a common source for RV 10 hints.

Folks, feel free to add either a link to one of the prior threads, or just add your tip or watch out.
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Rudder cables

Don’t install the snap bushings in the guides for the rudder cables until you slide them over the rudder cable.
HS Inspar Rivet to Front Spar Installation

The 8 rivets fastening the center HS-905 nose ribs to the front spar to the HS-1004 inboard inspar ribs were a nightmare for us. We recommend using a really long rivet set on them. If you are like us, we had no clue the long set would require the gunner to push VERY hard to prevent damaging the heads. PRACTICE with the long set first!

Best of luck!
F1032 L R longerons

I just wanted to share with the community when creating the left and right longerons (F1032L and F1032R) for tailcone make sure you create mirrored parts. I accidently drilled the 1/4" holes on same side. This created 2 left 1032:-( See picture attached.

This made me have to buy another 98.5" piece of AA:-(


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Wing Box J-Stiffeners

Don't nest the long and short stiffener. The long stiffener is flush with the outboard end of the spar and the short stiffener is flush with the inboard end, they just overlap.
WD-415 Trim Cable Attachment Brackets

Don't rivet the attachment brackets to the E-616 cover plates on page 9-15 step 7. Wait until the cables are set up in section 11.