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Quirky Things Seen From The Air in Your RV

Flying back From AZ to los angeles.

Still a lot of airline planes parked.


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South Tabletop Mtn

Flew to Cody WY for my medical exam the other day. On the way saw a strange thing on top of a mountain. Credit to my copilot Bob for spotting it. Not much on the web what is it and how it's done. The cliffs are vertical only helicopter can get people there.




Vlad, it looks like that new engine is treating you good, happy for you ;)

Whilst sorting out the pictures for my soon to be published free PDF blook (blog/book) relating my trip of 2 months ago, I came upon this picture, taken some miles Northwest of West Wendover NV... strange squarish patterns on the ground, or has my iPhone 12 mini played tricks on me?

Got quite a few of those clusters of “spinners” in Nevada…usually in groups of four or six. Very neat to go inside! Charcoal ovens, actually….

Any of them close to an airport Paul? Would love to go inside. The kilns in Wyoming and Colorado don't have a suitable landing site nearby.
I think there's some within walking distance of Glenwood Springs airport.


Yes, but not much is left of them. They were vandalized last year and not sure what has been done since.
Vlad, remember flying into Glenwood Springs? It seems like a long time ago. I guess it was!!
The ovens at Ward are very well-preserved (I used to take my geology field students there in years past). It is an interesting sound experiment to go inside and stand in the acoustic center of one.

There used to be a courtesy car available at the Ely airport, which is not far away, maybe 20 minute drive.

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A local Native American tribesman pointed me to those. 21 nautical miles from my place. Pretty hard to reach by ground transportation but very easy by air. If you know the coordinates of course...



TeePee rings

There are some of those rings around the Denver area if you know where to look. Some of these are as old as 2,500 years. Very interesting
Thought this was cool. Lots of corn mazes in Ohio this time of year. Go Mud Hens!

Photo credit Spencer Headley.


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Found those funny cylinders on the bottom of an open coal pit (Bridger Mine) near Rock Springs WY.

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SR71 Garden near Palmdale,Ca. Looks like it has been redone since i was there 10 years ago.

Desert wild flowers.


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Looks like a dirt strip just to the east of the kilns. I have no idea if you need prior permission to land there?

The kilns are open for public access.

The Ward Charcoal Ovens are free and open to the public, and about 13 miles from KELY/Ely, NV. The County has a loaner car at the airport. There is a private runway, WIllow Creek Trading Post, with a shorter turf runway within a 10 minute or less walk from the ovens. But, I dont have contact info for the owners. The charcoal ovens around the western US were located in areas of tree growth to be cut and used to prepare charcoal used in early copper smelters. If you come to Ely, allow time to tour the historic Nevada Northern Railroad shop and museum (free, unguided, walkaround of dozens of steam and diesel electric engines and a variety of passenger and cargo traincars.)