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Pitch servo kit


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I’m trial fitting the Garmin pitch servo kit. The two pieces that rivet to the bellcrank assembly behind the battery require the bulkhead to be relieved slightly. I suppose the dremel is up for that but it’s a pain.

In the forward end of the supplied brackets they interfere with the four 470-3 rivets that hold the crosspiece under the bellcrank assembly. I can either remove them and place flush rivets. OR, I can shorten the forward end of the garmin bracket 3/8 to clear them. I’m inclined to shorten the garmin bracket on the forward end.

What has anyone else done here?would have been much easier before everything was riveted into the floor and bulkhead!

Edit: I decided to rework the 470 rivets to 426 to not have to cut down the bracket. Still will have to relieve the bulkhead.
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Removed the bulkhead interference to place the brackets and put flush rivets in the bellcrank rib forward so now the garmin servo angles fit well in place.

Now I’m scratching my head on how to locate the aft most rivet location. Any tips?
Ended up with 7/8 spacing between the four forward rivets then 1/2 inch between the last two. Can’t put one further back without getting into the crease of the garmin angle on top or losing edge distance on the bottom. I’m glad I did this before putting the top skin on!!!
I'm not exactly sure by the description what you're looking for, and don't remember any issues with the installation, but it would be easy for me to get pictures of the mount installed tonight if there's something specific you need to see.
Not sure if this helps. I’m not mounting the battery back there.


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Looks similar. Now I’m interested in your ELT placement I’ll probably do the same. Where is your ELT antenna going?
Looks similar. Now I’m interested in your ELT placement I’ll probably do the same. Where is your ELT antenna going?

I'm doing the Showplanes Fastback and plan to have it mounted on the right side of the passenger seat back.
Remove the existing bell crank brakes

The Garmin Sept. 2006 Rv-8 installation information specifically states "remove the existing pitch bell crank brackets and replace with servo mounting brackets (items 4 and 9)" however the pictures from most builders have not done so, has this been the general approach? I am ready to place my adjacent to that provided by my quick build and would love to hear the groups' thoughts.


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I think the rv8 kit changed over the years. Early builders fabricated bellcrank angles and the new kit has the angle incorporated in the underlying part. So it is easier to add the garmin angle than cut off the bellcrank angle.