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Page 38-14, Section 4 ... gap?


Hey guys, on page 38-14, section 4, joining C-01405-R+L, did you have a small (3/32'ish) gap between these two pieces once everything was together before match drilling the Canopy Handle Assembly?

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Not sure it is correct, but it is what I got.


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Mine does

The C-01442C Canopy Fixture when cleco'ed on created a gap very much like yours. I went with it; and it seems to work now that I am fitting the canopy.
Completely duplicate set of parts, exact same result, moving on ... (thanks for the responses)
[/ATTACH]A little detective work on this RV14 canopy issue.

Folks with completed canopies. Is there a negative gap (Back window proud) on the top middle of your canopy between the back window and the canopy?

See PDF below.
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It is very common for these parts to align as you show in your pictures. Some builders have had them replaced and others, like myself, have had to buy new parts. I got lucky and my second set aligned much better. I am on page 38-21 and just starting to see the alignment with the roll bar and it’s not bad. There’s a lot going on at that interface so the likely hood of the window/canopy lining up perfectly are quite low. I plan to use non metallic washers under the window or canopy to get it aligned where I like it. Side note, use the C-01405D under this joint and not its little brother C-01404A.


This was the original, replacement was much better.
Thanks for the pictures

To clarify my question, I am trying to figure out if the gap shown on the bottom of the canopy bow should be consistent all the way around. I assume so.
Hopefully this helps. My window is done and I did notice that the window contacts the aft edge of the shim and not the fwd edge all the way around. Will deal with that on final install with a bead of silicone and nonmetallic washers before snugging up the screws.
Pins are engaged so this is what I ended up with.



Thanks for the pictures. That does seem to confirm that the 3/32 space should go all the way around. I reframed my question with Vans. Hopefully I get an expanded answer.

I have been laying the frame out and it looks like the gap is 5/64 on one side and 7/64 on the other side so going to try to come up with a compromise in the middle.
To minimize storage space used on this forum I updated my original PDF on this thread with my findings and how to fix the issues.
Have you taken into account the difference in the thickness of the window, approx .108”+- and the canopy, approx .185”+-? That’s what I’m getting on the ones I have.
Have you taken into account the difference in the thickness of the window, approx .108”+- and the canopy, approx .185”+-? That’s what I’m getting on the ones I have.

No I had not. Good question!

Looking at the blowup of the canopy top, on the PDF it would explain why the Aft canopy shim seems to sit a hair higher in the picture. So my guess is it should work out nice and flush with this fix. I will update results after my canopy is built.