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Need to separate the strobe wires?

I'm running the wires and I'll have wingtip and taillight LED strobes. If I use STEINAIR shielded wire and make all connections per directions, do I need to separate the strobe wires or can they share the same snap bushing penetrations and wire bundles? I'll probably be running the radio wires separately to the aircraft underside so I'm just thinking about interference with autopilot, AHRS, etc.
More info needed….
If you are using FlyLed products, they use dropping resistors and are electrically quiet - no shielding is needed.
If you use a product with a PWM (pulse width modulation) device to limit current, they can generate noise. Is the PWM device at each light, or centrally located (and propagating noise thru the wires)?

I ran my strobe shielded wires separately from the autopilot wires and maintained 2 1/2' from the ADAHRS.

My ADAHRS are located aft of the baggage compartment up by the turtle deck and the strobe power pack is located aft of the baggage compartment and on the right side.

I have had no issues with noise over the avionics or intercom.
Hi Ross

The idea of using shielded cable is to keep all the noise either inside or outside the shield; it works both ways. Your (potentially) electrically noisy device wiring won't radiate noise into other wiring, and likewise your sensitive low level wiring like headphones won't pick up noise from other wires.
So in general it shouldn't be a problem to run these wires together. Your Flyleds lights definitely won't cause any issues!

Wiring harness 101.JPG

Your statement "...and make all connections per directions" is a key point. The directions may be different for each system.

Thx to all for getting right back. I have a nice set of FLYLEDs (strobes, NAV, four leading edge lights in each wing) and re-read the instructions just last week. Just checking to be thorough.