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Moving rudder pedals..


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Looking at falling back into the Vans world. Friend of mine has an RV-6 that I'm considering buying.

I tried it on for size today and the rudder pedals are a little far aft for my preference.

I was reading through the logs and noticed that the builder moved the rudder pedals back. So, I crawled into the cockpit and noticed it looks like the rudder pedal assembly is mounted on a longeron via some delrin pillow blocks.

Is this per the plans? And if so, (baring any modifications the builder made) is moving the rudder pedals as simple as possibly returning them to the holes they were in and increasing the length of the rudder cables?
It is almost that simple. In addition to relocating the delrin blocks to the prior location, you will probably need to make longer links from the rudder pedals to the rudder cables. That’s an easy thing to do.