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Main Squeeze Wanted


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If you have our "Main Squeeze" aka "Cleaveland Hand Squeezer" and are finished with your project, I would like to buy it back.

Due to rising costs the squeezer now costs more to produce than we have been selling them for ($247 reg. $225 in kit). We have had to raise the price for the first time in the 11 years that we have been making them. However we have seen very little wear in the tools, and would rather keep the costs down to the builder by refurbishing existing tools.

Buyback structure is this:
$200 for like new squeezer with steel 'cam link' (late 2005 and newer).
$150 for cosmetically worn squeezer that functions as new with steel cam link.
$125 for like new squeezer with aluminum 'cam link' (mid 2005 and older).
$75 for cosmetically worn squeezer that functions as new with aluminum 'cam link'

Please send me an email to the address below and if possible include a photo of the tool with the yoke removed and the handle fully opened so that I can let you know what category your squeezer falls in.


Main Squeeze

Sorry Mike. That thing is a work of art and I will hang it on my wall before I get rid of it. It is a remembrance of work past for me and a tribute to your father of things really well done.

It is great of you to keep prices down so others can use this remarkable tool.

Mike, from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool is such a Class Act!! I have bought from most the supply players and have had great service from all.
Mike has been very helpful to newbies like myself.
No Takers!

Six weeks and nobody will sell me back their squeezer! This must be an awesome tool ;) What do I have to do pay more than I sold them for?
LOL, sorry, even though I'm finished building my RV, the Main Squeeze is such a great tool I can't give it up! Still use it occasionally on other people's projects.
Victim of own success


Your a victim of you own success. Like the others once my project is flying I'm gonna hang on to mine as well. It is such a well made tool and you stand behind them. You repaired mine once for free. How you gonna beat that.

Ever if you have to raise the price for the next generation of builders that tool is worth it. Kind of like having a tungsten bucking bar - expensive but worth it in the long run.
To paraphrase Charlton Heston, "I'll give you my squeezer (Cleavland Tool's The Main Squeeze) when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!" ;)
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Sorry, old buddy Mike! I'll frame mine before I sell, great product, worth every penny for potential buyers, like it better than my pneumatic squeezer! See ya at OSH 12. Glenn
Main Squeeze

Like many others.... Sorry! Won't be sending it back.

My Main Squeeze was delivered last week, I do have a pneumatic squeezer (also nice equipment) and have not tried any other hand squeezers but I think this thing is great. I am actually able to hold my work in one hand and complete a rivet squeeze sequence with the other. Very controllable item of tooling and well worth the $$$ in my opinion.:)
Only took 4 1/2 years!!

4.5 years and we finally bought one back. This one is a beauty too. Looks like it just shipped yesterday, only a tiny bit of aluminum dust embedded in the epoxy decals give it away. $249 (no yoke) first one to want it through this site. Check/Card/Paypal all work.


(for details of Main Squeeze go to our site here)
i will take it

I will take it. the link on description is not working.

Can I get the rest of the kit with it (yoke, dies, etc).