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"Macro Stop" - Slightly Off Topic


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If you need to work on a B-747 or an AB-380 anytime soon, I have just the "micro" stop you need.

A local A&P had them and, literally, made me take them to save them from his dumpster!



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You find all the coolest tools….. :)

I could see use for those on the drill press for precision countersinking!

I work on warbirds and there are quite a few situations where those would come in handy. How much do you need for them.

"Jumbo" MicroStop

I'll give you a couple for shipping, but the caveat is: they use a "jumbo" CS w/a 7/16-20 thread, which I don't have AND have not been able to find.

A better choice (I think), is to get the one on eBay (looks brand new - and lists for $236 on the mfg. webpage), and comes with cutters (3/8-24 thd) for $29, ~90% off!

See attached pic for offer -

Best - HFS


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