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Looking for DAR in So. Cal.


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I am looking for a DAR who can help with certification of SLSA and ELSA imported from other country. Any referral is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Robin Hou
[email protected]
I can't refer you to anyone.. I'm on the wrong coast.. But you can get a listing of them at: https://designee.faa.gov/#/designeeLocator

You want to search for DAR-F's with authorization #47. You have 12 to pick from in CA.

I don't know if he would travel as far as you, but Scott McDaniels, former Van's employee who had a hand in a lot of the RV-12 design/parts, is now a DAR for hire. Might be a long/expensive trip for him from Oregon.. but if you want a blessing from someone who knows everything about the RV-12.. he'd be your top pick.
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Mike Maley out of KSEE in San Diego is your guy, not sure if he’s still doing import stuff but a DAR and a DER. The SD FSDO will have his contact info.