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Interior finished - trying to Make Oshkosh

Dale RV10

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After Marlin at Fultron's paint shop got my interior pieces painted recently, I finished installation of my RV-10's interior today. Hoping to hang the prop tomorrow. Then it's time to move my RV-10 from my home workshop to my new hangar at Springfield Downtown Airport (3DW) in Springfield, MO and install the wings. IF I can get my RV-10 finished in time, Marlin has promised me a slot in his paint shop to get me painted in time to make it to Oshkosh...


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Be careful. If you want to make Oshkosh, why not ease your burden? Assemble and test fly the airplane, go to Oshkosh, then have it painted.

Final assembly, systems checks, and flying a test program is a LOT of work. If you add painting to the stack, it becomes Bataan Death March kind of stuff unless you have a lot of spare time and a whole lot of help.

Imagine this.. Your painter takes the airplane. After 2 days of prep work, he asks "Do you want me to take an extra week and do top notch prep work (particularly on the fiberglass), or do you want me to paint it as is so you can get to the show?"
The show is in two months.

Final assemblies, painting, and phase 1 testing to get to Osh?

Unless your retired you're somewhere betwixt ambitious and get-there-itis.

Don't rush things. There's a show every year.
Respectfully suggest reading about N289DT and what can happen when imposing difficult deadlines.
A deadline for that is a recipe for disaster. Reminds me of the story of the RV-10 crash that killed the whole family 10 or so years ago. The builder falsified his phase 1 records to meet a scheduled family vacation.
I have 1.4 hours left in phase 1 in my 9A. It's first flight was December 10th. I can't imagine getting all that done in 2 months. Maybe the phase 1 if weather cooperates but painting too? That's aggressive for sure. The planes not even at the hangar put together. Mine will hopefully be at oshkosh in its wonderful aluminum bareness.
The show is in two months.

Final assemblies, painting, and phase 1 testing to get to Osh?

Unless your retired you're somewhere betwixt ambitious and get-there-itis.

Don't rush things. There's a show every year.

I appreciate your input. And you are right! I am very ambitious. And I'm also retired. My buddy Kelley, who has been my coach while building my RV-10, mentoring me and showing me tips that you can only learn from building six airplanes of your own, was Red Bulls mechanic for several years. He is the most diligent aircraft mechanic that I have ever met. He's also an A&P/IA and is Fulltron Aviation's lead mechanic. Kelley is cheering me on to get to Oshkosh, and will be personally removing control services for Fulltron's paint shop before painting, and then also balancing and re-installing control services after painting, and doing my new weight & balance. He will make sure that everything is expedited as much as he possibly can, even if he has to work nights and weekends.

Marlin, who owns Fulltron Aviation's paint shop, is also cheering me on to get my RV-10 done in time for Oshkosh. He'll work nights and weekends if he needs to to get my paint job done if there's any way possible. It's all up to me now, to get final assembly work done on my RV-10. I'm hoping to be moving into my new hangar next week, and immediately install the wings. My hangar is on the field where Fulltron's paint shop is located so my logistics are very simplified.

That only leaves one big obstacle, and that is Phase One flight testing. My DER is ready to inspect my RV-10 asap once I'm ready. I am also using the additional pilot program for my Phase One testing. My other good friend Dan, is a qualified pilot to fly with me during Phase One Flight Testing of my RV-10. Dan has built two RV's of his own, and has done Phase One testing on multiple RV's. He has over 8,000 hours flight time and is current in the same exact Garmin panel that is in my RV-10. And he is retired too! Dan will fly with me every day to expedite me getting to Oshkosh, if there is any way possible. So except for any squawks that come up during Phase One testing, and bad weather, I have a realistic shot to make it to Oshkosh AND do everything right. (When Dan did Phase One testing on his RV-14 there was only one small squawk on his plane, a small burr on the tailwheel assembly that took 15 minutes to fix).

So with my good friends at Fulltron Aviation, Marlin and Kelley, who are both cheering me on and willing to do whatever it takes, without cutting any corners, and Dan, with all his RV and Phase One flight testing experience, willing to fly with me seven days a week, I have a good chance to make Oshkosh. It's all up to me now. Dale
Your last name obviously doesn’t tell the whole story. Good luck with your goal. Having a paint shop waiting in the wings to get it done is a big plus. My recently completed RV6 was in the paint shop for 10 weeks last winter. My Phase one took 7 weeks (I am retired too). I had a mag issue on my new mag (and engine) and that slowed me a little. Good news, you don’t necessarily have to fly a 40 hour Phase one, although you can if you want. AC NO: 90-89C came out in February of this year, and it allows a task based flight test plan that can be done in less time (than 40 hours). It requires documentation and data collection that ends up translating into an approved AOH (Aircraft Owners Handbook). In fact the criteria for this type of flight test program requires development of an aircraft specific AOH. Your DAR/FAA inspector has to be on board with this type of flight test program so that it is spelled out in your OPS Specs/Limitations. I think you would need to have your flight test ducks (flight test program/test cards) in a row before your inspection, but it might be worth it.

If you make it to OSH, and can get there by Sunday, bring a 6-pack of GOOD brew from Springfield for the beer tasting at the HBC/Vans Aircraft pavilion.