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Good Day, Bad Day......


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Yesterday, I joined (at least temporarily) the front and mid fuselage assemblies - looked great. Bad news? Whilst trying to fit the other parts, I realised I had fitted the rear seat and baggage outer ribs with the joggle OUTSIDE the vertical spar flanges rather than inside :mad:

Looking back on the general arrangement drawings, it is easy to see but not made clear in the step-by-step. My fault though and should only take 2 or 3 hours to drill out and re-rivet but it spoilt a good day!

Heads up for anyone getting to this bit......
Don't feel bad. I did the exact same thing. And didn't notice it for weeks. It wasn't too bad to get everything back apart and put together correctly.

PJ Seipel
RV-10 #40032

Make sure the triangular portion of the tailcone left aft fuse skin goes between the triangluar portion of the mid fuse skin and the baggage door rib spacer - it's easy to inadvertently slip it too far inboard - between the spacer and the baggage door rib - you won't notice it until the tail is completely riveted on, and there's a bit of a gap along the baggage door!!

Slow build fuselage - systems work
ok, so .. in re-reading your post - you did this to the forward-mid fuse sections. I guess I'll have to fess up to "me too" on this as well - didn't notice it until putting on the side skins and the gap was obvious.

Getting real good at drilling out rivets...

Slow build fuselage - systems work
Yeah, doesn't look like too bad a job. The -4 rivets through the spar may be a bit tricky but if I drill out the skin/rib flange -3s first I should be able to "ease" the ribs to get access.

I was guessing I wasn't the only one! Just seemed to sit naturally where it was :eek:
Couple more questions

Well, it took me 3 hours to drill out the offending parts but it's done with no damage and clecoed back in the right place. Annoying but no more......

However, a couple of extra questions have been thrown up as I have examined the parts:

- page 26-5 step 6 states to dimple most of the holes in the F-1018 outboard ribs. It looks as if the webs of the F-1015A ribs should also be dimpled but I cannot find any mention of it. I see no reason to wait until after match drilling the side skin as dimpling then would be very difficult. Any pointers?

- there is also a #30 hole in the F-1004K Side Plate that looks like it should be match drilled through the F-1004C Bulkhead but page 28-9 step 2 states only to drill the #40 holes.

It's been a frustrating couple of days and I want to get it right this time :mad:
another builder told me early on that you only put things together so you can take them apart. True so far.
RV9A Bill
Paul, I must have spent at least two hours last night reading plans and browsing the matronics archives trying to figure out the story with dimpling of the F-1015a ribs. I ended up final drilling and dimpling all #40 holes in the web of the 1015a ribs except for the two forward rows that lay under the 1004K sideplate. I also dimpled the vertical intercostal under the 1015a. The manual completely overlooks these steps, and it is hard to visualize it all at this point, so I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping I got it right.
Thanks Andy. I am going to drill and dimple in the same way as the F1018. Page 29-17 shows that they have to be done at some time and leaving till after it's riveted in place means you would have to use a pop rivet dimpler and probably have to grind down the die to fit against the flange. As for the intercostal, those holes can be countersunk through the 2 layers.

Right - build on!
Thanks Paul for the heads up...

after I made the same mistake.:rolleyes: I wish we had one big list put together. I have Tim's and several other "gotcha" sheets but still doesn't cover everything does it. If you have any others besides Tim's let me know.
Wow, this is pretty disappointing, that this has been known about since at least 2010, was written about by Justin Twilbeck on his blog in 2012, and still not fixed in the plans today.

About a week ago, we finished riveting the bottom fuse skins on. While I was searching for something completely different online, I came across Justin's blog post, and had a sinking feeling a monster had crept up on me while I wasn't looking. I turned and looked over my shoulder, and right there, not five feet away, F-1015A was happily waving its joggled flange at me, from OUTSIDE the 1004D channel.

After collecting myself, I read further into Justin's blog post, and discovered his notes on dimpling the holes in 1015A, that are also not included in the plans.

After that, I did a search here at VAF on 1015A and came up with this thread.

I really wish I didn't feel like I have to google each and every part number and plans page for a "gotcha" before proceeding.

My brief post on my builder's blog: https://www.brunbergs.net/2020/12/22/beware-page-26-5/
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Do we dimple all holes on the web of the f1015A or only a certain set of them? I got the flange on the proper side but didn't dimple anything yet. Bottom skin isn't on yet so I'm hoping a hand squeezer can dimple everything.