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GHA15 Height Advisor install


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I installed the GHA15 and did some flight testing with it. Seems to work as advertised. Obligatory demo/landing videos with audio callouts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_1KuhIFVjQ

Because its microwave beam is 120 degrees wide, you're forced to install it more towards the center (left-right) of the aircraft so it doesn't see the wheels.. They also recommend installing it as close to the CG (fore-aft) as possible to minimize errors upon pitch changes close to the ground.
However, the center channel under the seat pan is full of fuel lines, brake lines, flap motor.... and the two channels next to that are not much better -- a flap mixer on one side, elevator control cables on the other. I ended up installing it in the same bay as the AP Pitch servo.. flight testing so far has been good. The left wheel -almost- clears the 120 degree beam (only the tire, under the wheel hub is within the beam).

Only thing I'd do differently is install it 2 inches farther forward. My little sausage fingers had a hard time getting a grip on the data connector to tighten it up.
Nice item. Let us know how it works for you after you have played with it for awhile.