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For Download: Checklist files for Foreflight and G3X


Hi all, I spent some time these past few weeks developing checklists for my new 14A and thought I'd share the files that you can modify how you wish:

The way I did this was to start with Mule35d's RV10 checklist, which you can find here on the forum, and then modify with various information I found on the 14 as well as adaptations specific to my airplane. I first got everything down in Foreflight and that is the FMD file found above that you can import directly.

Sadly, Foreflight for some reason encrypts their checklist files so the only way to make use of those FMD files is to import them into Foreflight. This is really odd, and I can't think of a reason they would do this. I asked a few folks ForeFlight engineers on LinkedIn but I doubt we'll get an answer. Because of this, I had to manually retype everything into Garmin's Checklist Editor to get it in a file that can be read on the G3X (the .ace file in the above)

It would be nice to script a converter so you could create checklists on ForeFlight and keep those as the canonical record and then just one-click convert for the G3X since that software is ancient and kludgy. Maybe one day.

Also, on the G3X checklists, I went ahead and added some of Mule35D's cheat sheet info like VFR minimums and light gun signals, etc. This will be nice to have.

Always welcome feedback and hope this is helpful for folks.
Thanks for sharing the checklists. I am trying to create checklists for an RV-10 from your checklist in Foreflight but for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how to create a copy or even modify yours (which I successfully imported) - like changing the N number, etc. Please let me know if you have any idea how I can do that (instead of creating a checklist from scratch).


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