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Greg Arehart

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Trying to do a bit of flight planning this evening and my FlyQ app is not working at all. Went online and the app is gone from the app store, and trying to load the online flight planner just gives me error messages. Did they go belly up? Anybody have any info?

Down for maintenance

They were down for maintenance. See below.
Got email a few hours ago they are back up now


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I am still having problems on my iPad. It will give the opening screen and then will go black and go back to my iPad home page. Can't seem to get it to boot up. My iPad is old but it has been working fine until a few days ago.
Works great on my newer iPad Air 4th gen running iOS 17.1.1 and FlyQ 6.7.0
Works great on my older iPhone 7 running iOS 15.8 and FlyQ 6.7.0
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My iPad is an iPad Air 2 with 15.8 which is the latest I can download. Still won't load up with FlyQ 6.7.0 Occasionally I was able to get it to boot but then it wouldn't boot at all. Deleted the app and reloaded it from the App store and it booted the first time and I was able to download all the databases again but when I exited the program and tried to boot it again it won't boot up. Splash screen and then just goes back to home page on iPad I sent a note to Seattle Avionics support