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First RV Flight in Thailand


I'm New Here
After 6 years building from a basic kit I made the first flight of my RV-8, HS-GMC out of NOK Airfield in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was under a test flight permit and all went well. Waiting for final paperwork to do more flying. Superior XP-360, Sensenich Prop, Dynon Skyview with transponder, EMS and Autopilot, Icom A210 radio & VP-50 for electrical panel. To my knowledge this is the first RV flight in Thailand. A RV-9 is also being built at Nok Field.
Gary McNair

That is pretty cool being the first at anything. The first flying an RV there - that's real cool! Have fun and post more pictures.
Congratulations!! and Welcome to VAF!!!!

Gary, big congrats on the first of the first:D:D

And, on your first post too, welcome to the good ship VAF.
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First RV in Thailand, first post, and guaranteed front-page appearance tomorrow.

Not bad for a newbie :)

- mark
Excellent! My wife was just there working at the ENP North of Chang Mai. Fly over and give Lek a buzz.
Good luck!

Congratulations Gary!
Hopefully DCA won't give you to much trouble getting your paperwork in order.
I certainly will come visit you some day :)

Congratulations! I flew a Zenair CH701, based near Hua Hin, Thailand for 4 years before moving back to the US two years ago. Have fun flying in the Land of Smiles! Now I've got the RV grin with a 9a based in Corona, CA...
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very good...I had no idea that there were two RV under construction at NOK, ive driven by several times. Next time I will stop.
sawasdee kap gary!
kap kun krap

thailand has a bright future and i hope people like you can show them the value of GA.

definitely a place in the world where flyin communities etc... still could be built...

enjoy the rv grin and good luck on cutting red tape.

Congratulations Gary. I just got back from Thailand. My fiancee was raised in Chiang Rai just about an hours drive up the road from you in Chiang Mai. Next time I'm in Thai I'll try to visit. We can compare notes on the -8.

Gary, congratulation to your project. My wife is from Thailand and I was flying out of Lamphun VTCO and Bang Phra VTBT several time when I visit Thailand. I'm building a RV-7A in Switzerland and just moved to Grenchen LSZG for the first flight as son as I finished the paper work. Wisit my Homepage www.pit-roli.com.

Many happy Landing
Thanks everyone for your well wishes and Jay thanks for your hospitality, when I used to drop by your hanger and interrupt your work. I did not expect there would be that much of a Thai connection on the forum. For paperwork, the last bit I'm waiting for is the aircraft radio license from the Communications Authority of Thailand in BKK. Could only apply when I had the C of R. Over 2 months ago. It's mandatory to have a Radio and Transponder and besides Nok Field is in Chiang Mai International Airport Control Zone. Be it a quiet sector.

The process for the C of R, C of A and 5 year permit (a Thai thing) is a different experience for each aircraft registered. Since there are no specific procedures or regulations for General Aviation. The regulations were written about 60 years ago for the one and only government airline, Thai Airways, when it was illegal to have private aircraft in Thailand (hence the 5 year permit now) and not updated. It depends on what DCA officer you deal with and what they want. Everything is out of Bangkok, we had to pay for a couple Inspectors to come up from Bangkok to look at our aircraft. So it was combined with a couple other aircraft at Nok needing paperwork. The biggest part of the inspection was checking serial numbers and insuring taxes were paid. For the Test flight permit, it was valid for two weeks, but they only emailed it to me (glad it was not in Post) when it was already expired one week and it was the day I was leaving for work in Singapore. Managed to return the last day of the permit for the one and only flight of 30 minutes. The C of A for experimental aircraft is valid for one year. So will be paying for the Inspectors field trip again next year.

An important point is like land and house in Thailand, foreigners can not own a aircraft in Thailand. So it has to be in a Thai nationals name or owned by a Flying Club. That is what most people do. For me I'm the Pilot of my Wife's (coming on 20 years now) aircraft.

For personal licensing, I have a Thai one year Validation. I applied June 2012 had to write Air Law exam and received it around March 2013.

Sorry for being so long winded, but I hope it answers some of the questions. To also correct that it's a RV-9A not a 9 building built at Nok. Should be flying this year. Depending on paperwork of course!

Cool! My wife and I spent 5 weeks in SEA this past Dec/Jan/Feb, including Chiangmai Mai. I had not been back to that area since the Vietnam War (or the American War, as the Vietnamese call it). A trip of a lifetime, made more special now by the knowing that the RV community extends to that area! Congrats!
Congratulation for first RV in Thailand . I 'm just start project RV9A at my house in Bangkok .
RV-4 in Thailand

Hi Gary,

I am getting ready to order an RV-4 kit that I will build in Hua Hin, Thailand. I would love to talk with you about the Thai CAAT and the steps involved in getting all the paperwork completed.

Joe Bryant
Hi Gary,

I am getting ready to order an RV-4 kit that I will build in Hua Hin, Thailand. I would love to talk with you about the Thai CAAT and the steps involved in getting all the paperwork completed.

Joe Bryant

You might want to reach out to George…..I think he’d be a good resource for you. My wife is from Thailand and she’s met him in person and has actually flown with him. Nice guy. If you talk to him, tell him Aom and Mark said hi.