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Door Locks


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What have others done for door locks? The stock kit doesn't provide a way to lock the main doors, just the baggage door.
As I decided to stick with the stock door handles I opted not to install locks at all. No regrets whatsoever.
If someone is going to steal your avionics, a door lock is not going to deter them. They'll just damage the door to gain entry, then you have stolen avionics and a damaged door.
I think it's wise to consider door locks. Sure, there are a class of people who are going to get what they want to get, and they'll damage a door for it. But if it's in the open and someone has to mess with a door, I imagine you'll remove yourself from the "target of opportunity" list with some sort of locking mechanism.

It pains me a bit to write that, as I miss the days of leaving the front door unlocked and open and keys in the car, but I don't see this world getting more nicer or trustworthy, and I've seen plenty of ridiculous behavior all over the place. But obviously, to each his own.
I purchased the ignition/door lock combo when i built my -10. I had to do some modification to the pilot side door mechanism to make it work. I don't remember what but it worked good. Passenger side was locked with a pin in the handle. Nice to have it all keyed alike and I hid a spare key behind the rear access panel. Its not break-in proof but is a deterrent for some.
I purchased the ignition/door lock combo when i built my -10. I had to do some modification to the pilot side door mechanism to make it work. Passenger side was locked with a pin in the handle. Nice to have it all keyed alike

Same here, pin the passenger side, installed a lock in the pilot side.

The lock was the other one with the ignition and baggage lock, installed so as to block the gear rack when turned to lock position.
Simple and effective



Here was my solution. The arm moves across and stops the pin being able to move up.
For the passenger side I have a small plate that slides into the end of the handle and stops the button from being pressed. (Sorry no photo)

I’m sure if someone wanted they could force it but it keeps people from being nosy.

Regards Peter
I recon most any door lock isn't going to stop the determined thief...
but I suppose there are folks that wouldn't think twice about opening up a plane just to have a look ... they figure they aren't stealing or doing any damage...."Hey, I wonder how much room is in those RV's like that one over there.... Hey, take my picture sitting in it, will ya?"
We have door locks like shown in the pictures, but I've found them to not be very effective and they are easily overpowered.

We just put on a Bruce's cover every time we go somewhere. I have yet to find anyone peering into the plane with the cover on.
Cheapskate methods

As others have said, this won’t stop a determined thief. But I also fear predatory lawyers, who will sue me if some teenager steals and crashes my plane because I left it unlocked (‘attractive nucense’).
1. As noted above, a pin in the internal, inside door mechanism, can prevent the external button from moving in. Even simpler, I sanded a small piece of pine to wedge into the mechanism to keep the button from depressing. Painted it red, to remind me to remove before flight. After installing the pine, exit thru the baggage door.
2. Exiting thru the baggage door is a pain, so I also have two telescoping tubes that go over the external handle, keeping anyone from pushing the button. The tubes are locked together with a padlock. Just aluminum, won’t stop a real thief, but at least I made an effort.
I installed the Aerosport door handles as referenced in post #2 above. While the lock won't prevent someone from forcing the lock and getting inside, it is at least a bit of a deterrent. And I think the outside handle looks nicer than the stock Van's handle.

It's a bit pricy, but in the scheme of things, it's not much compared to the total cost of the RV-10.

Waiting for the YT video to drop showing Bob Turner exiting his RV-10 through the baggage door.


FWIW, I'm in the "don't force them to break your airframe while they successfully steal your avionics anyway" camp.
I just installed a basic lock set (like the one for the baggage door) positioned just below the handle (Vans) on the outside. When in the lock position it jams the the release mechanism. For the passenger door, a small piece of plastic that inserts into the inside handle that jams the release button. I have a remove before flight flag on that plastic piece. If someone really wants in they will get it. But cars, airplanes, etc, many times there are door shakers looking for something unlocked for a quick grab and run.
Just a point of reference.

I ordered 2 of the Door & Baggage Lock Sets with a phone call to ACS just over 1 week ago. I asked for the locks to be matched. The price for each set is $52.75 plus $10 drop ship and $16.01 for shipping. The total is $131.51 for 4 locks and 2 keys. Pretty painless.