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Creation of template for 'For Sale' listings...


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Creation of template for 'RV For Sale' listings...

I am assembling a ?template? for users wishing to post their RV for sale. The idea is to make this template a ?sticky? at the top of the classified section, where it can be easily located/copied. What items have I missed? Done right, potential buyers will have a LOOOOOOTTTTTT more info at their disposal before contacting you - these will be qualified leads.

Thanks in advance,

Update: I have incorporated some of the suggested changes from replies earlier into the document below (then removed the replies and posted an updated copy with timestamp. Done to keep from having multiple copies of the list. dr

Latest revision posted: 3/23/2011 0228z


VAF 'RV For Sale' Template.
Use as much or as little of this template as you want. Copy it over to notepad or your word processor

and fill out. Then copy/paste that into your listing.

[Insert a picture of the plane here in the listing (maybe a picture of the panel too). I would suggest making the image a hyperlink, so clicking on the image will take viewers to an external photo album, where you might have 100 pictures of the plane ready for viewing.]

RV Model:
Quick Build (QB) or Standard Build (SB):
Slider or Tip Up:
Asking Price: $
Link to additional pictures:
- above link includes pictures of: ___ External ___Panel ___Upholstery ___Engine
Why selling:
Total Time (hrs) on airframe:
First flight date:
Original Builder (y/n)?:
- If not, seller is currently owner #_____.
Empty Weight (lbs):
- CG (empty weight - inches from datum):
- date of last weighing:
Year painted:
- Painted by:
Engine Make/Model:
- HP:
- Total Time Since New (hrs):
- Time Since Overhauled (hrs):
- Ignition:
- Carb/FI:
- Exhaust system:
- Engine Purchased from:
- Engine Assembled by:
- Date of last compression check:
- - Cylinder #1:
- - Cylinder #2:
- - Cylinder #3:
- - Cylinder #4:
- - Cylinder #5 (if RV-10):
- - Cylinder #6 (if RV-10):
Other unique features FWF:
- Make (FP or C/S):
- Model:
- Pitch:
Flaps (manual / electric):
Rudder Trim (manual / electric):
Elevator Trim (manual / electric):
Aileron Trim (manual / electric):
Strobes Make/Model:
Landing Lights Make/Model:
Age of tires/tubes:
Real World Cruise Figures:
- _______kts IAS at ________" of MAP spinning ________rpm while burning ______ gph.
- _______kts IAS at ________" of MAP spinning ________rpm while burning ______ gph.
Past incidents/repairs/damage repair:
Service bulletins/Change notices that have been complied with:
Date last annual:
- Maintained by:
Date last transponder check:
Date aircraft last flown:
Willing to deliver: Y___ N___
Other items not listed above:
Contact Info
- name:
- voice:
- email:
- Preferred hours to call:


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Center of Gravity

I would ask for the empty weight CG and from when the last weighting excercise is too.

Other than that - nothing I?d be asking for at initial contact.

How does it land?

Will that airplane make me look taller? Thinner?

How many SPG does it get? (Smiles Per Gallon).
suggestion for additional data field

Talking with a friend about his plane and its oil consumption made me realize another data field that should be added to the (excellent) form:
Oil Consumption: (how many hours before it needs a quart)
another data field to add

I was asked about this today, and it seems like a good data point to include:

Declared Max Gross Weight
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